‘I felt really scared:’ Toronto girl says man tried to cut off her hijab while she walked to school

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his ‘heart goes out’ to girl, condemns attack.

  • robins111

    Astounding just how these ‘hate crimes’ take place just at the time when Justy can go on stage and bawl about them.

    • Ed

      The attacker is described as “Asian.”

      This story won’t last the day…

  • ontario john

    ISLAMOPHOBIA IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN CANADA!! Time for more sermons at mosques to kill the filthy Jews and Christians.

  • Dana Garcia

    Smells like hate crime hoax.

    • Felix_Culpa

      Yep. Why would anyone try to “cut off” a hijab? It’s just wrapped-around and pinned–if you really wanted to de-hijab someone, “grab & run” is a more efficient strategy.

      • Dana Garcia

        Exactly. The hate-crime pile-on is extreme.

      • Clink9

        Like a pull start on a lawnmower!

      • Felicia Scott

        A brief touch with a lit match would be far more effective.

    • CoolTolerance

      I saw a longer version of the interview. I’m certain it never happened.
      The girl is far too calm with so many cameras on her, no body language and her eyes are cast downward, at times you could see she’s searching for the correct answer.

      She said her hijab was cut with the scissors about 12”. Nothing makes sense in the story.

      She described the attacker as an Asian, 5’8” to 6′, dark hair, dark mustache, sunglasses and a hoodie.

      • Asian?? This word is meaningless and the media knows it.

  • Clink9

    Turdo’s just reminding us of who our real masters are.

    And not to mess with them.

  • bargogx1

    Hmmm, the article says “the attacker described as Asian”. Well, that certainly adds an interesting wrinkle to the story. Doesn’t quite fit the narrative. Should be interesting to see how this turns out. Something tells me that the more is known, the more the story will fizzle out in the media.

    • ontario john

      The Asian was obviously influenced by white colonial attitudes.

    • Editor

      British “asian” or Canadian “asian”?

      • Raymond Hietapakka


        • Editor

          Ha! Probably not though. If so, Canada and the PMO would be at full Def Con 5 status and the CBC would have special 24/7 coverage, with its own theme music and logo.

    • tom_billesley

      A muslim angered that she was in hijab and not burka.

      • LairdKintyre

        Im guessing something along those lines

      • Yo Mama

        Nah. Jus da parents tellin her to make it up so dey can get dair $10,000,000 from Justine!

        • Will Quest

          She belongs in a rather fundamentalist family… momma wearing the face mask and a pre-pubescent 11 year wearing the veil , a mere child ….. it explains a lot about this fabricated righteous-indignation…. time for an another opportunistic islamist lesson to make us sharia obedient, we need to respect izzlam’s fetishes or else…. deference to sharia drip-by-drip-by-drip-by-drip …..

      • Tooth&Claw

        Well and if you’re going to assault a young girl, most of these crimes involve more than messing up one’s clothing, they involve robbery and or a sexual component not in evidence here.

      • Good point!!

    • CoolTolerance

      I wonder if it’s the girl or the police that came out with the word ‘Asian’.
      Much less complicated to describe an Asian, not like a Caucasian.
      Asian : dark eyes, dark hair, average height.

  • canminuteman

    3 female victims dead after separate domestic-related incidents in Brampton, Mississauga: police

    Probably girls who took of their hijabs of their own accord.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      ..a single Global news story..and that’s it?

  • SDMatt

    I doubt very much that this happened: a guy comes at her with scissors? To cut off her hijab? Why wouldn’t he just grab a handful and rip the thing off?

    Plus it’s 8:30 am, she’s going to school, she’s got her hood up, he pulls it down just knowing she’s got a hijab on, she screams and runs to join a group of other kids, and yet none of them have a phone to video the guy? Then the guy comes at her a second time?

    Sounds like the (imaginary) Peterborough mosque arsonist.

    • ontario john

      Millions of innocent muslims died in that Peterborough tragedy.

    • JPfromtheeast

      Totally agree. This smells like so much BS that it isn’t funny.

    • Alec Leamas

      Yep. Though the timing seems odd. You would expect a false flag sympathy ploy like this to occur after some muslim atrocity. But maybe it’s just some childish lie to explain a damaged hijab and then the MSM fools went full speed idiot on it.

      • Will Quest

        The holey jihad requires efforts to implement obedience to sharia compliancy…. just another face-masked momma doing her duty for the cause…… there’s the reason……

  • gerry d welder

    I think Trump needs to take out another:

    BREAKING: 7 Mysterious Shipping Containers Being Tracked By SERT, QAnon Hints and Julian Assange

    Bill Still report did say a while back that according to some experts, ISIS attacks will be coming from Canada:

    Minute 4:30:
    Still Report #488 – Is Canada’s New PM a Radical Muslim?

    … pretty much explains this:

    INSANITY: Trudeau Government Giving “Reintegration Support” To Former ISIS Fighters Instead Of Arresting Or Eliminating Them


  • David_Martin

    This whole thing stinks:
    Why is something so minor generating so much media hype as a hate crime. Jews and synagogues are harassed on a weekly basis – not a mention in MSM or by the PM, Premier and Mayor of Toronto but this is a “horrific crime”?
    Why is this the lead item on the evening and national news?

    Usually politicians reserve comments until the police “investigation” is complete – in this case everyone jumped to a conclusion before any investigation.

    No one seems to be taking note of the fact that the alleged perpetrator is “An Asian Male” – Why? Because it plays against the argument that White Males are the Islamophobes.

    Next up on the Libtard slate:
    Turdeau invitation for photo op. Liberals using this as an opportunity to justify intensification of the scope of M103 into a concrete specific law on “Islamophobia”.
    Photo op with Premier Lesbo.
    Photo op with Toronto Mayor Tory.
    Forcing every child in the public school system to listen to talk on Islamophobia.
    MSM continued and expanding linkage to Trump as the factor that emboldens racists and Islamophobes.
    Linkage to Trump’s “Sh*thole countries” comment and how Canada welcomes all including and especially Muslims.

    • ontario john

      Strange how no politicians expressed outrage at that Hamilton church being burned down and Islamic threats written on it.

    • Clink9

      “Why is something so minor generating so much media hype as a hate crime. ”

      Exactly. They just keep pounding us with every perceived slight.

      • Will Quest

        Thou shalt not reject any of izzlam’s fetishes, thou shall be deferential to sharia ……. just a holey jihad exercise has a friendly reminder of what really matters ……… Face-masked momma and her veiled child will be lionized at the Friday mosque , a shoutout by the imam to the sisters at the back of the gender segregated building …..

    • Will Quest

      Holey jihad { a pillar of izzzlam } accomplished ……… the face-masked momma will be lionized at the Friday mosque for her struggle to enforce sharia compliancy …….

  • gerry d welder

    The Truth They Hide

    Creeping Sharia: The ISLAMIZATION of the WEST

    Women Defend Yourselves

    Feminist Whores For Islam

    Europe Is Killing Itself

  • gerry d welder

    NWO globalist puppet leaders want it to get worse; refugees = tools.

    Refugees and illegal aliens are the globalist’s tool to create the needed threat for their excuse to censor speech, gun confiscations, limit our freedoms and rights and expand the Federal/UN police state. Strategy for eliminating the 2nd Amendment in the USA and limiting the 1st and 4th (just to get things started).

    “Perhaps globalists are using the threat of Islam to consolidate their power through new police freedoms that limit their citizens’ powers.”


    Just like attempted ‘global warming world tax’, global ‘wealth’ tax, global laws and global regulation to destroy our national sovereignty and have unelected foreign bureaucrats make our laws, get control and funding for their own power base. It has NOTHING to do with ‘peace’ or climate.

    The NWO globalist elites sure have their massive armies of shills and useful idiot leftists ….

    “The chaos of bloody street clashes between displaced Muslims and Americans/Europeans could achieve yet other Illuminati goals, including imposition of domestic martial law and suspension of remaining freedoms.”

    The Agenda behind the Refugee Crisis | James Perloff

    Oct 3, 2015 … … by the rash of violence and fires in 2005 that French police couldn’t contain. … “ Divide and conquer,” of course, is a stock-in-trade tactic of the NWO. … The current immigration crisis was created by the West. … We bombed Libya into utter chaos …

    How to create masses of refugees; bomb the shit out their country’s infrastructure forcing them out (young male Muslims only, no Christians), then ship them as required to be used as tools.

    UN slams airstrike on water treatment facility in Syria’s Aleppo
    Will that create more refugees? … yep, that’s the plan. Then Putin will be blamed for the consequences.
    Evidence Shows US Helping ISIL to Survive in Iraq
    by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront
    “Under the pretext of fighting the Takfiri terrorist group the US and its allies airdrop weapons and food for the ISIL terrorists”

  • Liberal Progressive

    Your ‘heart goes out’ to her? What good will that do Justin? Where is her $10.5 million?

  • Mark Matis

    Next time people should take the Islamic approach and stone her to death. Problem solved!

    • clownloach

      And what was she doing outside without a male escort?

      • ontario john

        Shouldn’t she be getting her FGM at her age?

  • G2

    Didn’t happen.

  • Bubba2 Butane

    Get a load of the 300lb ninja mother on the news wearing an $800 Canada Goose winter coat. A tax payer present from Justine?

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …they need that thick Goose to keep their bodies at their traditional, accustomed sweaty levels in our harsh clime…

  • simus1

    Probably some perve off his meds.
    A simple story like this has more credibility than the very elaborate tales usually thought up by the usual muslim fakers or “victims of racism”.

    • Yo Mama

      Mebbe it was an Ismaili assassin?

  • QiPo

    Also funny how they occur in the least logical way. Why go to the difficulty of cutting? Unless, of course, you are lying.

    • moraywatson

      And no evidence of a damaged hijab anywhere.

    • Gary

      She’s lucky it wasn’t a fellow msulims that hated her getting an education because he would have stabbed her to death .
      There are 2 ways this story dies….. 1 is that it’s a hoax, 2 is if the man is a muslim.

      It wouldn’t shock me if muslims ne beat up the women just to get them to file a hate-crime report to the Police as a way to prove islamophobia is on the rise. Or it might tbe the Sunni shia hatred wars coming here.

  • jayme

    Even if this actually occurred, everyday islamic hatred and violence against non-muslims is ignored or whitewashed because islam can do no wrong. The truly sad thing is Canadians lap up the crap handed them by the government, media and academia (the “ecperts”) like the obedient sheep that they are. There appears to be little future for the nation other than as an unfree and violent islamic republic; too many of those in the world already.

  • tom_billesley

    This is diverting media attention from far more important stories about Trump.

    • Gary

      John Tory just put anti-Jihad cement barriers around City Hall to stop muslims from ramming vehicles into crowds.
      Plus he put a Metal Detector at the Main Entrance to prevent a Pulse Club slaughter by a muslm.

      It’s all a charade for these 3 leaders to make muslims out as innocent and all of them are victims.
      Mayor Tory doesn’t want to deal with putting up barriers after a dozen people are slaughtered….this way he can say that Toronto is safe and all of the muslims in Canada are peaceful .

  • Barrington Minge

    If she didn’t wear the rag this would not happen..

  • Sharkibark

    My guess on it? Not a hoax, but probably a young girl who didn’t want to wear the hijab and took it off on her way to school. Her dad sees her and she makes a desperate lie so she’s not beaten or worse when she gets home.

    • Yo Mama

      Den dat’s a hoax by definishun!

  • LairdKintyre

    It is being reported the perp is “”Asian””. I wonder if by Asian they mean what the British media means when they use that word. Im thinking this one wont fit the narritive.

    • simus1

      “Asian” in the uk is a sort of media shorthand mostly in regard to muslim criminals from Dumpsterstan and India/ Bangladesh.
      In the USA, “Asian” is mostly used by some ethnic Chinese community leaders to denote all members of their immigrant community from all over Asia without regard to their nationality.

      • ontario john

        Just don’t say shithole.

  • Dave

    I can see it now, “scissor weilding bad guys hunting down little girls in hijabs”
    Smells like yet another hoax. Seems most of them have been proven to be…so far.

  • moraywatson

    Clock Girl.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Sorry, I’m just not buying it.

  • JoKeR
  • Cat-astrophe

    So TF what.

  • Canadian Born

    On the way to school, so how many witnesses saw this besides her bother? That is the question to ask.

    • Observer

      And he looks like he is trying not to laugh out loud at the story!

  • When this gets exposed as a hoax or something overblown, how fast will it go down the memory hole?

    • Clink9

      Faster than Turdo jumping on the next muslim hoax.

    • Gary

      Her brother is the only witness and he seems to be holding back the laughter in most of the photos as if he knowns is a big lie .
      In about 2 weeks that muslims will be taking to the streets to denounce islamophobia over the Mosque shooting in Quebec 1 years ago. It hasn’t even gone to trial yet and they want revenge because they spit on our Legal system and have him Guilty.
      How did this girl know it was man and why did the perosn show their ID to prove they were from Asian???
      This is a hoax because the Pakistani MP behind M-103 needs fake hate-crimes to bring in the Sharia Blasphemy laws since she misses the $hithole nation she fled and wants to make canada a $hithole nation too.
      This will be just like the fake Mosque vandalism reports that the Media drops once the Police reval that the Imam did it.

      John Tory is the worse fake islamophile because he loves to pretend he denounces this and say thet It’s not what we are ……but he just put Anti-Jihad barriers around City Hall and a Metal Detector at the main Door to stop a Pulse Club slaughter by muslims.
      Since 1834….. Toronto City Hall never needed anti-Jihad systems becaise that’s NOT what we are .
      Oh well , it IS what we are now and get used to terrorism because the Mayor of London told the Brits that it’s part of living in a big city that has muslims.

      When muslims actually kill us during Jihad ( as they did in 2014) ….Justin blames mental illness …..when a muslim alleges any harm to to them it’s racism and a hate-crime .

      Boyle is deemed innocent but the Moque shooter last year was called a terrorist by Trudeau and made him guilty .

      • These guys have to keep pushing Islamophobia because they know that without it, they cannot get what they want.

        • Gary

          When Sheema Khan was at CAIR she also had an OP-ED in the Globe & Mail where she pretty well defended every alleged muslim terrorist in Canada .
          Khan had bashed the RCMP as needing to justify their jobs and arrest innocent muslims because of the Post-9/11 anti-Muslim bigotry.

          The first Muslims in Canada were around 1860 that fled Prussia and were never attack in Canada. The first Mosque was around 1939 out West where lopcals helped build it.
          It wasn’t an issue until the late 1970’s when Pakistani muslims were pouring in and wanted special treatment and learned how to cry racism to get what they want. Then in
          the 1990’s the Muslims brotherhood moved into canada via CAIR and started to take over the Mosques by Saudi money and the Sunni’s https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4f63249384a76f195523b6652980149468c4e7458b509d30c46c5de0007d4e2e.jpg that pushed the Whahhabi based islam .

          Islam was a religion while muslims were the followers but somehow along the way post 1970’s it became a Race with followers that became a Race of people too.
          Around 2000 we saw how islamic terrorism outside of canada was quickly excused away by those “few” bad apples among the 99.99% of the Peaceful ones. By 2006
          the terrorism IN canada started to show and is was by Muslims born here to Pakistani parents where CAIR then claimed the Hijacked islam for a Political cause and were NOT true muslms.
          Sheema Khan said that the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists were innocent , but when they boasted about being guilty and promised to kill more Canada when they get out….Con-job Khan said they wre NOT true muslims.
          Fine…. but CAIR and Khan had supported these non-muslims when they went to Prison and demanded a Prayer rug , Arrow pointing to mekkah , Halal meals and access to an Imam for these non-muslims according to Sheema Khan .

          Once you see that Justin and the Media is on the side of ISIS and the islamists…. it will all make sense for what they say and defend .
          The leaders and the CBC fear having their homes bombed or relative beheaded in public as we saw for Theo Van Gogh. I don’t believe one word they say when ythey condenm racists and hatred because they are helping to spread it .

  • The seriousness of the accusation is what matters, not the facts.

  • Felicia Scott

    This islamic whore is a liar, which is a requirement of islam.

  • Clausewitz

    Oh Bull Shit……………

  • Good god. Did this relatively minor event need to reach all the way to the office of the Prime Minister?? Did multiple press cons really need to take place? Justin must not be very busy if he has time for this shit.

  • Tooth&Claw

    A poster at smalldeadanimals.com noted something. The time of the incident and the time of the reporting are very close. The time of the tweet appears to have happened before the incident. HMMMMMM.