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The Drudge Report is Numero Uno for referring traffic primarily to the rogue’s gallery of narrative-driven left-wing media outlets like CNN, the New York Times, and The Washington Post. As a conservative who’s now well versed in the power and money that traffic gives these outlets, one must ask; What’s up with that? Why is such a robust website on the right driving so much traffic to the left?

Muslim migrant plotted to poison supermarket food

I often get asked about the vulnerability of the U.S. food supply given the fact that so many refugees work in the food-processing industries. Our meat, in particular, is highly vulnerable. I have reported in the past that refugee labor is used for up to 12 percent of the workforce at many of the meatpacking factories that dot small-town America. It would be an unimaginable act of jihad terror, potentially surpassing even the 9/11 attracks, if these plants started churning out meat laced with a biological agent of some kind. We now have evidence that some devout Muslims in the U.K. have indeed been thinking along these lines.

WATCH: CNN Writes Trump Is A ‘S***Hole’ On Live TV

CNN, the most ridiculous name is news, lost its collective mind on Thursday night over President Donald Trump’s supposed “s***hole” comments, declaring him a racist on a few of their shows.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo decided to push the envelope to a whole new level in a desperate attempt to not be blown out again by Fox News’ Sean Hannity and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in the prime time cable news ratings.

Not Everyone Can Say #MeToo in Sweden

The Swedish media recently reported that police no longer have time to investigate rape cases because of the many murders.

The main problem with the “#MeToo Movement” is that instead of relying on the rule of law, people start relying on the rule of social media. The number of “likes” or “retweets” decides whose experiences of sexual assault are recognized. If you have not been harassed or assaulted by a celebrity, nothing happens. If you were sexually assaulted by a nobody, nobody cares.

Tennessee: Christian university submits to terror-linked CAIR, cancels speakers critical of Islam

Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesman Ibrahim Hopper tells The Tennessean the speakers were a “who’s who of Islamophobes,” including Bill French, under pen name Bill Warner, Cathy Hinners and John Guandolo.

Trevecca spokeswoman Mandy Crow told the newspaper the event appears to have an agenda beyond a political campaign, and would distract from Trevecca’s commitment to community building, education and support of diverse enrollment at the Christian school.

PCs might ‘roll back’ $14 wage if elected this spring, says Labour Minister, Tories say it’s here to stay

The Progressive Conservatives might roll back the $14-an-hour minimum wage if elected this spring, warns Liberal Labour Minister Kevin Flynn.

In a campaign-style event at a Queen Street West café in Toronto on Friday, Flynn pointed to mixed signals from Patrick Brown’s Tories on the key issue in the June 7 election.

“I’m convinced by past practice with the Conservatives on this issue that they would roll it back or that they would at least attempt to roll it back,” the minister told reporters at HotBlack Coffee.

  • Michael Luke

    Its ridiculous that CNN, and the like, consider President Trump’s s**thole comment newsworthy, yet completely ignore the truly newsworthy happenings in the world..i.e. Clinton Foundation’s failure to dispurse any of its $10-billion Haitian Relief Fund to Haiti and its people impacted by natural disasters.

    • BillyHW

      Do you always have these racist thoughts?

      • Michael Luke

        Shut yer shithole. I didn’t make a racist remark.

        • I think Billy was just being sarcastic. Being called racist is a badge of honor here. 😉

          • Watchman

            Strangely enough, real racists don’t mind being called racist; only those wrongly called racists get angry, which is why it is so effective as an insult.

          • jayme

            Progressives toss around terms like “homophobe” and “misogynist” very casually and, somewhat ironically, such terms often apply to them (think how anti-women most supposed feminists are in their support of islam, for instance). The only thing that might offend a progressive would be to accuse them of being a conservative or perhaps a white supremacist.

          • Michael Luke

            Oh. Let me go refill me coffee cup.

  • BillyHW

    Jack Dorsey personally told Scott Adams that they don’t shadow ban a few months back.

    Clearly Jack Dorsey is a big fat liar.

  • ontario john

    And now the Saturday Toronto Star. The two main stories on the front page and inside, are Trump is worse than Hitler and Islamophobia is running rampant in Canada. Yes, the media is filled with stories on that poor muslim girl in Toronto, who had her hijab assaulted. Strange that the media isn’t upset by the daily shootings and stabbings by the diverse black community. Quite often by black men named Mohammad or Abdul. Also stories that Wynne is wonderful and will win the next election. She is already tied in the polls with her twin brother Brown. Story that the auditor general is picking on poor Wynne. And the editorial is that Toronto residents should pay more taxes.

  • ontario john

    Growing calls from social justice warriors today, that a national day of action against Islamophobia be proclaimed by the federal government. The muslim head of the Canadian Labour Congress has a story in the Globe and Smell demanding this announcement. Because as we all know, ISLAMOPHOBIA IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN CANADA! I guess Islam is more important to labour leaders than helping their members.

  • JoKeR

    If Muslims don’t work in our slaughterhouses what other legal outlet will they have to get some practice in before they do their religious duty to commit jihad against us infidels?

    • tom_billesley

      Fairground dodgems?

  • tom_billesley

    Officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command arrested a 27-year-old female UK national at Heathrow Airport in west London. She arrived on a flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Friday. Police say she is being held on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act.

    • ontario john

      But please don’t say she came from a shithole, that would be even worse.

  • Reader

    After seeing that Trump meme image, I think it is time for a musical interlude.