CBC Scandal: Peter Mansbridge, and the alleged NDAs/Hush Money Paid for By Us

The media in Canada has known about this for over a year. I was recently let go from a contract with the National Post after my reporting prompted Peter Mansbridge’s lawyers to file a cease and desist letter.

This story is not about Mansbridge having inter-office flings. Nobody has said those affairs were not consensual. What’s important is that it looks like those affairs are protected by non-disclosure agreements that include paying the women involved with Mansbridge hush money.

This is an open secret, but lawyers and crisis management firms are not letting the story break. Hopefully this video can quicken the process.

h/t SB

  • David_Martin

    See I told ya women like bald men.

    • What a sordid place the CBC is.

      • But in a protected, nepotistic state-funded mouthpiece such as this, should we be surprised?

      • canminuteman

        I have a friend, who as a young lady got a job as an assistant producer at the CBC. You would think that would be a dream job that would lead to a life long career as good as anyone could hope for. She did it for abut five years then quit, because she couldn’t stand the place.

        • That sounds like the Ghomeshi culture is the CBC culture.

    • Cat-astrophe

      Yea but fat ugly men with million dollar salaries are attractive too

  • Waffle

    Just to put things in perspective, if we can gift $10.5 million (at least) to an admitted terrorist, what’s a paltry sum that possibly doesn’t even reach $1 million to save a national media icon from embarrassment?

    The only titillating aspect to this non-story is trying to visualize Peter Mansbridge having wild, abandoned sex with a co-worker and the paying “hush money” to keep it secet. What on earth could they have been doing?

  • Thomas Henderson

    Pay for sex? Apparently something CBC journalists and the world’s oldest profession has in common.

    • ntt1

      plenty more parallels

  • ntt1

    There was a rumor that CBC was forced to have Mansbridge deliver while standing up due to a nasty story about him being naked from the waist down behind the desk. this might add fuel to that fire. Could his proven love of diversity hire women have any impact on the CBCs anti white male hiring policies? Is the CBC turning into a hook up bar on the publics tab?

    • Tooth&Claw

      It appears Harvey Weinstein’s libidinous spirit is everywhere in broadcast media.

      • ntt1

        maybe rogain will turn out to be a male aphrodisiac as well as a baldness cure,

        • Tooth&Claw

          Little blue pills…everywhere

  • Bernie

    Ho hum! So what else is new? CBC not pushing Trudeau to resign after being proven to be Unethical, shows MSM is not doing its job to protect the Truth.

    • The MSM in Canada is a pretty small puddle, they work to protect their own.

  • CoolTolerance

    Hush money for what? Unwanted pregnancies leading to abortions? Maybe.

    • I don’t get it which means the CBC probably did.

  • Observer

    It is time to stop the public funding of the CBC.

  • Jay Currie

    You’d think the young ladies would keep quiet out sheer embarrassment.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile the CBC has been ranting all day about Trump”s lawyer supposedly paying off a porn star to keep quiet. I guess its ok though if you work for Trudeau’s propaganda mouthpiece.

    • DaninVan

      The old shell game; keep the masses distracted…at any cost.
      Maybe the problem is that Mansbridge was having NORMAL sex(?).

  • Chuck Thompson

    All of the allegations made by James Di Fiore about CBC are categorically untrue.

    Chuck Thompson
    Head of Public Affairs

    • kirby

      UH HUH

  • Art Deco

    Guy’s on his 3d marriage. His second marriage lasted about 3 years and the first maybe 5. He was already a scandal. In any case, he’s retired.

    Why not put the CBC on the auction bloc?

  • Art Deco

    It’s interesting that Mansbridge, Peter Jennings, and Michael J. Fox were all high school dropouts. How common is that among Canadians in media jobs drawn from their respective cohorts.

  • Alistair Menzies

    Who is the guy in the vid??