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  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    They had some good ones, but I was sorry “Zoolander” didn’t make the cut.
    I have my money on LilPotato

    • Lickspittle works for me.

    • Watchman

      The “Zoolander” character is way too intellectual to represent Turdeau.

  • Dave

    A little long but i’d go for “Trudope, the less than half-witted man-child”

    • Uncommunist

      Turddope is kinda catchy too, imo.

      • Dave

        Very much so.

  • Sock Boy?

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      One that I considered.

      • There are various ones that may not be suitable for audiences of all ages.

  • This:

    “The man accused of stabbing an Edmonton police officer and running down pedestrians last fall has been found fit to stand trial.”


    • Uncommunist

      Life without parole .. citizens must demand it.

      • Capital punishment.

        • Drunk by Noon ✓

          I’ve been meaning to bring that up.
          We have 35 states with the death penalty, and so we have a vastly underutilized death capacity.
          I wonder if we could contract that excess capacity out?

          There are a lot of scumbags in Canada, Australia and Europe that need killing, and we’d be happy to do it for y’all.

          • Oh, you’re so kind!

          • Drunk by Noon ✓

            I think it’s one of our greatest traits as Americans, and as you know, we have too many great traits to even begin to list.
            We just love to help!
            We got electric chairs, gas chambers, hanging scaffolds, firing squad ranges, and of course the very popular lethal injection tables.
            The fine state of Oklahoma also offers “Inert (nitrogen) gas asphyxiation” for a small additional fee.

          • I’m all for “green ” options like active volcanoes and shark pools.

            I do what I do for the environment.

          • Drunk by Noon ✓
          • It’s good for the environment AND it kills!

        • Felicia Scott

          Absolutely, that is what sharia law dictates.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    I like ‘Justine Castro’

  • Tooth&Claw

    Castro’sBastard made me laugh.

  • Watchman

    I have been using ‘Justine Turdeau’.

  • dapto

    How about Northern Fukwit

  • Linda1000

    My pick is Jihadi Justine but it didn’t work clicking on the image?

  • Slickfoot


  • Clink9

    Turd Oh

  • WildWelshWoman

    I still think “Shithead” is a more apt name…

  • Clausewitz

    I’ve always liked the classics, so to me he’s just “Dipshit”.

  • Felicia Scott

    I’ll go with jihadi justin. No way am I signing up for a stupid twitter account to vote for a moron’s new nickname.