Swedenstan worried about future of U.S. funds for Palestinian aid agency

The Swedish ambassador to the United Nations said on Tuesday he is concerned about the Trump administration’s plans to review funding for a humanitarian agency that provides aid to Palestinian refugees.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure little Justin will replace the money. He wants that great photo op security seat, and he hasn’t killed off a few Canadian soldiers yet to get it.

  • dapto

    You pay for it Swedenstan as it’s in your interest to placate all the new immigrants you have welcomed

  • bill smith

    Even after this round of cuts, the US still pays pals more than all countries of the EU combined.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Sweden, a country in the Far North of Europe, with a Population of 10 Millions,
    depending on the US for not to be swallowed up by Russia, full of Muslim No Go Zones and Rapecapital of Europe, unable to protect its People even from Arabs
    who live 5000 km away from Sweden is Concerned about Israel, which is also
    5000 km away, sounds very logical, no, they don’t have real problems but will have.

  • Observer

    If Sweden cares so much about “Palestinian” “refugees” they should fly them all to Sweden!

  • tom_billesley
    • clownloach

      Makes me think there is some evil, satanic if you will running amok in amongst the echelons of power.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The EU WANTS to step in to fill that gap. They want to play a bigger role. They want to spend more money on their beloved peaceful peace loving ‘palestinians’ of peace. Sweden can leap to the head of the line by handpicking a hundred thousand of them to come to Sweden.

  • Editor

    “The Swedish ambassador to the United Nations . . .” That’s a double whammy of irrelevance right there. I am more concerned about what the kid who delivers my morning paper opinion is than this guy. Fifty, sixty years of flawed socialist ideology and policies, leading to Sweden quickly closing in on “shithole” country status and I’m going to be in any way concerned as to what the Swedish ambassador to the United Nations has to say?!