Sunni Islamists butcher and enslave minorities in Syria but the UK welcomes mainly Sunni Muslims

The Alawites, Christians, and Yazidis have no majority faith nation throughout the Middle East to move to. However, Sunni Muslims have countless majority co-religionist nations to resettle regionally. Despite this, and the fact that Sunni Islamists support “Alawites to the grave, Christians to Beirut,” the government of the United Kingdom (UK) mainly opens the door to Sunni Muslims. Therefore, an internal report is needed into why the UK is abandoning the most vulnerable in Syria.

According to the Barnabas Fund, the resettlement of religious minorities from Syria is shockingly abysmal. Equally disturbing, the UK government isn’t happy about statistics being revealed. Hence, despite Sunni Islamists in Syria seeking to enforce Islamic Sharia Law on the entire population and seeking to crush religious minorities based on a reign of fear and terror; it is disturbing that Alawites, Christians, the Druze, and Yazidis are being sidelined to such a degree.

  • JoKeR
  • WalterBannon

    Sunni Ways!

  • Tweety58

    I’ll worry about “peaceful” Muslims when they stop standing in the back row to avoid blood splash and condemn their rabid brothers.

  • simus1

    Perhaps these muslim persecuted, enslaved, and murdered non muslims lack the skill sets our elites are most interested in having on hand whenever they decide to dispense with their smiley faces and get down to business?

    • Watchman

      By ‘business’ you mean ‘reliably Liberal Party voters?’

      • simus1

        That and reliable death camp operators.

  • Watchman

    The U.N. official refugees are taken from U.N. camps, populated by Sunnis who keep their camps ideologically pure and force out anyone not Sunni by death threats and violence. In addition, the U.N. officials are also local Sunni Muslims who, when given the choice between designating one non-threatened Sunni a refugee or a mixture of Shias, Kurds and Christians in fear of their lives as refugees will always pick the single Sunni Muslim. In Europe, refugees were complaining that their interpreters were deliberately mistranslating to prevent these refugees being determined to be legitimate refugees as they were not of the same sect/religion as the translators.

    So it’s no wonder that the majority religious sect is the one who are coming to Canada.