Statistics are racist claim usual suspects

Scholars claim that statistics ‘serve white racial interests’

Three British professors recently claimed that statistical analyses have been weaponized to “serve white racial interests” within academia and beyond.

Led by David Gillborn, a professor at the University of Birmingham, the professors argue that math serves white interests because it can “frequently encode racist perspectives beneath the facade of supposed quantitative objectivity.”

… To address the racism numbers reinforce, the professors advocate for the adoption of “QuantCrit”—a portmanteau for “quantitative analysis” and “critical race theory.” Quantcrit, they say, has five key tenets, including that “numbers are not neutral.”

More Marxist bullshit.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Butterflies don’t have a crazy gene.

    • The leftist loons continue to promote stupidity.

      Critical race theory or math, what’s your best investment?

      • Watchman

        ‘Critical Race Theory’: no evidence, proof or hard work required. If someone provides proof your ‘research’ (ideological education) is wrong, you can ah hominem attack them as racists without being required to even acknowledge their evidence.

        Math, on the other hand, is hard. It also won’t bring down Western Civilization and herald in a new utopia or Marxist Socialism.

  • tom_billesley

    This says it all:
    Professor of Critical Race Studies,
    Director of Research, Director of the Centre for Research in Race & Education (CRRE), and Editor-in-Chief, Race Ethnicity and Education
    Ph. D. Sociology of Education, University of Nottingham (1987)
    BA (Hons) Sociology of Education, University of Nottingham (1983)

    • terrence22

      yet another example of PhD meaning Piled higher and Deeper

      • felis gracilis

        And Stinkier too, in the case of this academic.

    • Editor

      Here, have 100 upvotes!

  • Manual Paleologos

    He makes one valid point. “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” Or “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    The answer to that, is not to demean statistics and math, but to discredit the conclusions on the basis of their contents. Do the math better. Do the statistics better. Oh, but that’s hard, so they’ll just throw monkey poo.

  • ontario john

    John Ivison at the National Post reports that NAFTA talks are going bad because feminist Trudeau keeps insisting that social justice issues be part of the deal. It seems little Justin is more interested in gender parity and whiny indian clauses than worrying about the economy. Conrad Black has a good story on this at the National Post website today.

    • Watchman

      It’s counter to Justin’s leftist ideology to have better capitalism and so the real payoff is in SJW issue outcomes, not really the trade deals themselves.

  • Let these guys talk.

    The more they do, the more they cement their places in history as crazy people and the sooner we can all forget about them.

    Then the healing can begin.

    • Editor

      In the mean time, make sure your kids go into STEM or the trades.

      • Exactly.

        There simply is no market for a sixteenth century Peruvian transgender graduate.

  • Hard Little Machine

    These people are all fucking morons and the only sane answer is to laugh in their faces then spit on them

  • Lightstream

    Geez, when is this leftist, pc crap going to end????