Soros and the Exploitation of Women

George Soros, 86-year-old multibillionaire hedge fund-operator, is famous around the world for promoting far-left causes. Or, as his website puts it, he is “a prominent international supporter of democratic ideals and causes for more than 30 years.” His “philanthropic organization, the Open Society Foundations (OSF), supports democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries.”

  • JoKeR

    So where is the story?

    Everybody already knows that Soros is a pimp at heart if not worse, after eagerly working for the Nazis in WWII.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I sincerely hope his time is done and the father of lies collects him and his family.

  • dapto

    Soros is a Nazi

    • Alain

      At least a sympathiser.

  • Clausewitz

    It’s about time we crowd funded a bounty on this pricks ass. Time to use the internet for good.