Section 13 returns? Liberals consider letting Canadian Human Rights Commission censor the internet again

Do you remember Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act?

It was the censorship provision, that banned anything “likely to” expose a person to “hatred or contempt”.

That’s absurd — hatred and contempt are human emotions. You can’t legislate emotions.

Under Section 13, truth was no defence. “Fair comment” was no defence.

  • BillyHW

    If you are a woman fuck you.

  • kkruger71
  • Does this mean that we can bring a class-action law suit against PM Justin, supported by the HRC reinstatement of the anti “hate speech” laws?

    When Justin brands tens of millions of Canadians with “Islamophobia” (a mental disorder) simply because they are at variance with his immigration policies, is he not engaging in hate speech? I can’t think of a more obvious example of something that should be considered “hate speech” than what the PM himself has stated, because it does in fact license people to treat (i.e. mistreat) people branded as “Islamophobes” with extreme prejudice. Damages are in fact incurred — it’s not theoretical as in the phony cases that the fascist Left and Islamophiliacs often bring to the HRC’s.

    The first person sued with the help of the HRC under the reinstated “hate speech” law should be P.M. Justin Trudeau. Preferably a Class Action.

    • WalterBannon

      technically you are correct

      but cultural Marxists do not apply their own rules to themselves and they run these kangaroo courts

      the eventual end result of this oppressive totalitarian rule is always civil war so eventually they will end up swinging from lamp posts but first we will suffer for generations under their hob nailed boots…

    • canminuteman

      Our politics are getting more and more uncivil all the time. It will eventually lead to war. It is a mistake for the Conservatives to remain the “nice guy” when the liberals go for the throat every chance they get. To quote one of Glen Reynolds taglines “you’re going to miss the civility once it’s gone”. But Canadian conservatives are losers so they will just roll over and take whatever the libs throw at them.

    • Canadian Born

      This is an amazing video, that every Canadian should watch!

  • Morticiaa

    Justin thinks a sport s walking off into his socks and seeing if they stick when he fires them against the wall

  • Bubba2 Butane

    Ok here is their address:

    Canadian Human Rights Commission
    344 Slater Street,8th Floor
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1E1

    Toll Free: 1-888-214-1090
    TTY: 1-888-643-3304
    FAX: 613-996-9661

    Why not have a mob, I mean “town hall” of concerned citizens visit their office for cookies and a group mug, I mean “hug”.

  • Morticiaa

    Wacking off

  • I’m surprised it hasn’t been done already.

    Trudeau needs this sort of censorship. With all the heckling going on, M-103 just isn’t going to cut it.

  • Kevin Hill

    Hoping Trudeau is voted out in 2019,

    • Alain

      As far this is concerned it would depend on who replaces Trudeau/the Liberals, and I honestly do see Scheer having the smarts and backbone to eliminate this. Frankly, Harper failed by not dismantling the whole CHRC due to his incrementalist approach. It didn’t take a year for the Liberals to undo what few changes Harper had made.

  • Lightstream

    The human rights commission is a Kangaroo Court and for that matter so is the human rights tribunal in each province. I’m telling you, there won’t be any democracy in this country at all soon.
    I’ve been saying that to my children and friends for years. It just falls on deaf ears as they think it will never happen in this country. The trouble is, it is happening…a bit at a time and they can’t see it.