Refusing to bend over for Islamists makes you an Islamophobe says Toronto Star

Opposition to anti-Islamophobia proposal proves its merits

As with last year’s absurd debate over M-103, the federal anti-Islamophobia motion, the opposition to a National Council of Canadian Muslims’ proposal appears to be a proxy for, or an attempt to pander to, more disturbing views.

Disturbing views? Like not wanting your country to become another Europe where Islam is turning once great nations into Islamist shitholes?.

h/t MP

  • Great illustration!

  • More Muslims sooner of later = Islamic shithole.

    • Linda1000

      Paris is an example. I’ll have to hunt for some pictures of London.

      • Watchman

        Ah, ‘Paris, the Beirut of Europe’!

        • Linda1000

          It’s funny, I guess all the newcomers to Britain get nice flats or houses because I can’t find any pics of tent or mattress communities on the streets like Paris? There’s all kinds of pics of street protests or marches in Britain but that’s not the same. Maybe they’re all held at the Calais Camp?

    • Careful! You are only allowed to call places “shitholes” if they are not. Otherwise the UN will call you ‘racist’.

    • Watchman

      Muslim risk start at one Muslim and the risk goes upwards from there.

  • Ibn Warraq can’t be quoted enough.

    The stunted, backward groups that comprise Islamism will not rest until they have won people over by force or by shaming people over not pitying a backward culture responsible for its own problems.

  • Gary

    The NCCM is the old CAIR-Canada where we saw Sheema Khan get lots of Air-time on the CBC for dawah .
    But once Khan’s CAIR was exposed for funding Hamas terrorism in the FBI Holy Land charity Trial …..Sheema Khan jumped ship and quickly wrote a book to appear Loyal to Canada while CAIR change it’s name and added Canadian to their name to also appear as if they care about Canada.
    The CBC kept using Khan (aka Con-job Khan ) as the go-to person for the voice of peaceful Muslims even when the CBC knew she was tied to hamas terrorism years before the 2008 Trial that confirmed it . The Globe&Mail gave her an OP-ED where she call the RCMP anti-muslim bigots for deporting 18 illegals with fake ID that happened to be Pakistani muslims on top those Toronto-18 muslims and several other alleged terrorists.

    The islamists in Canada have used the fear of terrorism to get those Businesses to join in the charade that islam is a religion of peace because they don’t want the HQ protested or have a suicide-bomber come in and maybe behead employees too .

    The media recorded Justin responding to a person in the crowd and his violated Bill 16 to call the person Miss when he had no clue of their desired Pro-Noun.
    Yes folk …. Bill 16 does not apply to Liberals since the STAR and CBC didn’t care that Justin doesn’t even obey the Law , except when terrorists from canada suffer harm while globe trotting and then he uses the Charter to obey the Laws and give them $10 million plus.

    Note how CTV calls a person a Heckler when they oppose Justin but when it’s a Plant in the crowd by Liberals they call the person a ‘ Concerned Citizen ‘ . Goebbels would be proud of the CTV and Liberal Party to demonize and isolate the enemy.

  • Watchman

    If 6 is the magic number of dead that requires an official Remembrance Day, then 9/11 where between 24 and 26 Canadians died from Islamist jihadist actions should make September 11-14 four days of Rememberance in Canada for those Canadian victims.

    December 6, 1989 is already treated as a Rememberance day for the six females murdered by Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi, but the feminists blame this on all men instead of a man who learnt from his woman-hating Muslim dad.

  • Lightstream

    Someone ought to shut that rag down.