Muslim terrorist Omar Khadr can’t dodge US$134M civil judgement by recanting guilty plea: U.S. court filing

Justin will be in tears at the news.

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr cannot avoid a huge civil judgment against him by recanting the confession and guilty plea he made before an American military commission, lawyers acting for the widow of a U.S. special forces soldier argue in new court filings.

Canadian courts must accept the agreed statement of facts that underpinned Khadr’s war-crimes conviction in 2010, they argue, regardless of whether he lied under oath when he admitted to tossing a hand grenade that killed the soldier eight years earlier.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Don’t worry, if this money is taken away from Omar Khadr by the US courts, our government will find a way to block it, or if there is no other way give another $10.5 million to Omar that is protected under new law. Our government will do everything to protect Liberal Canadians.

    • Justin will give him a blowjob too.

      • JoKeR


    • HalcyonDaze

      10.5 million is a little light. Given past history, if little Omar loses this case my guess is Trudeau will pony up another 134 million of our tax dollars to cover costs. I often wonder how much money the families of John Ridsdel and Robert Hall got given their charter rights weren’t protected either. But I guess it doesn’t matter because that asshat in Ottawa said it bothered him to talk tothe familes. Besides Canada and the Liberals don’t deal with terrorists unless of course they’ve killed Americans and are then sleep deprived by them.

      • Watchman

        Not going to happen – there would be an Trudeau ideological imperative not to have any money go to Chris Speer’s widow for three reasons: 1) Chris Speer and wife were American, 2) Chris Speer was serving military, and 3) Chris Speer and wife were not Muslims.

  • Clink9

    This guy needs to join his buddies in the Supermax prison.

  • Bernie

    He is better off Dead!

  • deplorabledave

    Gee whizzikers. I wonder if the liberals will pay the $134 million judgement?

  • Linda1000

    I wonder what Khadr has done with his millions. I hope the Cdn. gov’t. ends up paying again to the U.S. victims in this lawsuit. People were stupid enough to vote for Justine, it’s time they reap some of the “rewards”.

    • Lightstream

      Take it out of Justin’s pocket not the Canadian taxpayers.

  • The reason the U.S. agreed to let Khadr serve out the rest of his sentence in Canada is because it is assumed that both countries follow the rule of law. Justin is basically telling the Americans that Canada does not in fact follow the rule of law. What will this mean for the future of any Canadian prisoners in the U.S. who would merit repatriation to Canada? Why would the Americans trust Canada to respect the rule of law with a fool like Justin at the helm?

    • The Americans won’t trust Canada again.

    • Watchman

      Given the SJW actions of the US judiciary against Donald Trump legitimate Executive Orders, there’s no guarantee that Khadr would have remained in a US prison that wasn’t Guantanamo.

  • Solo712

    Legally, this is going nowhere – we all know that. The Canadian judicial system is politically compromised, and in fact the 2009 SCC judgement provided ground for the Khadr payout. But someone should tell Trump that he can instantly make 20 million friends in Canada if he makes a lot of noise over Canadian courts not accepting the Speer-Layne claim.

  • Oh, that has to hurt poor, little Omar.

    Trudeau will cut him a cheque right away.

  • Canadian Born

    I pray that these American families sue the fucking pants off this piece of shit, that our asshole government politicians are protecting. I am almost 70 years old and have never ever been so embarrassed being a Canadian. The thanks goes to the Liberal government and all the morons that voted this pansy into power.

  • Jennifer Seigel

    I really hope the widow Speer and Layne Morris collect every penny that Omar Khadr (traitor) received.

    • Tooth&Claw

      and then some. I hope Khadr ‘s life is blighted as he blighted others.

  • Gary

    Justin must have been tipped-off by Khadr’s lawyer because he was asked about the Khadr settlement and mentioned that Omar wasn’t proven to have thrown the grenade.
    The CBC was on the same side where they said there was no proof that he tossed the grenade…but the CBC also accused one of our Troop soldiers in Afghanistan for a war Crime because he was alleged to have shot a POW when nobody saw it.

    Reason #472 to axe the CBC .