Is misogyny at play with Wynne’s popularity?

Here’s a quick question: How many women have served as a provincial premier in Canada?

Now here’s a harder question: How many of them have been re-elected as premier?

Give up?

  • Ed

    Just like with Obama. The same people that elected him twice rejected his “successor,” Hillary. With the left you’re not allowed to change your mind. Either you support them, or there’s something wrong with you.

  • ontario john

    Only the Toronto Star could blame Wynne’s unpopularity because men in Ontario are sexist pigs.

    • canminuteman

      This was the Hamilton Spectator. There are a lot of other newspapers out there which are as bad as the Toronto Star.

  • simus1

    “Bob Hepburn”

  • clearsky

    Hmm. If her approval rating is 20% of the total population it means that the majority of women are against her!! Damn this misogyny, unless in Star’s opinion only transgenders are the real women.

    • simus1

      GLLKDW resembles a shark that has to keep moving through the water to get enough oxygen to stay alive, she has to keep premiering because if she ever stops ……………………

  • CodexCoder

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the majority of people are starting to realize that Wynne isn’t very bright. Manipulative, dishonest and conniving, yes, but lacking in very fundamental understanding of how a solid society actually functions. At the end of the day, Wynne is a dictator at heart.

  • moraywatson

    Is misogyny at play? Only if ‘misogyny’ now means a reflexive revulsion in response to fascism.

  • ontario john

    Our small town paper is loaded with stories today, by small business owners that have to cut employees and hours in order to stay alive because of Wynne’s new minimum wage. But I guess they are all sexist and homophobic.

  • Bernie

    It’s the destruction of the Ontario Economy! Nothing else that has sparked the hatred of this Liberal.

  • Waffle

    Never mind the misogyny, focus on the respect,or lack of.

    The visual that the Star chose to illustrate this piece is quite telling — juxtaposing Christy Clark across the table from Wynne. One thing about Christy — she is the consummate professional and always dresses appropriately for the occasion whether it is greeting visiting royalty on the tarmac of a remote airport or having a friendly chit-chat with a fellow premieress. Wynne not so much.

    Voters have long expressed their preference for lying snake-oil hucksters but they do like them pretty or at least prettified. How else can one explain the popularity of the current PM?

    Our Kathleen seems to delight in her ugliness and wears it and bares it like a badge of honour. I’ve alluded to this before, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

    Kathleen gets no respect because she does not command it and that is expressed in her choice of dress. What kind of person insists on wearing 50-year old polyester schmattas that weren’t even fashionable back then? What kind of person delights in showing off her old lady arms (she’s 64 for crissake!) on every occasion she can? And what’s with the mannish-looking watch on her wrist? A sentimental keepsake from a man in her life — perhaps her father?

    And then there’s the hair — no $400 stylings for our Kathleen. No sirree — her coif is reminiscent of white bread small town Ontario –50 years ago.

    Every occasion is an opportunity for her to say FU Ontario and she does it with style. I’ll shut up now. Gawd forbid she should start dressing better, get a more flattering hairdo and maybe do something about the cracks and crevices/crevasses that are ravaging her visage. As I said, voters like their liars prettified.

    • canminuteman

      What she looks like has never crossed my mind. It’s the hard core communism rapped up in total incompetence that I object to.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Umm, there is no amount of cosmetic changes Wynne could make that would improve her marketability. Ugly like hers goes to the bone.