Importing The S***hole

A quote attributed to President Trump horrifies our snowflake intellectuals, but accurately reflects the sentiments of much of America.

Thursday saw a media firestorm erupt over a Washington Post report that amid a White House meeting with several members of Congress working on a compromise having to do with the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, President Trump asked why America should have to take in so many immigrants from “s***hole countries” rather than people from places like Norway.

The Post article isn’t exactly the finest example of American journalism, identifying as its source no one actually in the room to confirm what Trump supposedly said but instead naming two anonymous people who were “briefed on the meeting.

  • Ah shit, there’s a hole in liberal logic.

  • This is going to backfire as gloriously as Hillary’s deplorable statement.

  • ontario john

    And of course the CBC is interviewing people in shithole countries about their countries being called shitholes. Maybe they should not have interviewed women with bags over their heads. And of course the UN is outraged. I guess that means they don’t want all that money the U.S. gives them.

  • ontario john

    Trump is being to kind to Africa. I was stationed in Somalia, and its worse than a shithole. Its hell on earth, and its people are lying, thieving, murdering scum.

    • Dana Garcia

      Many Somali immigrants prove their sh!thole background. One recent example is the Somali cop in Minneapolis who shot a woman who had reported a crime.

      • Watchman

        For an excellent series of articles on this Justine Diamond unlawful death case, I refer readers to , which covers the reasons why it has taken five months and still the Somali policeman who fired the shot has not been charged with anything.

        • Editor

          Failed states produce failed people.

    • Manual Paleologos

      Somalia may be the worst place on Earth. Its people are the last people we should be importing into the USA. It is an example of anarchy in action. I don’t call it “The Turd World” for nothing.

    • Linda1000

      I’m going to get a second opinion from our very own Ahmed Hussen on that because he seems to think all of Somalia and the rest of Africa should be welcomed to Canada.

  • mauser 98
  • tom_billesley

    Japan toughens screening rules for refugees; automatic work permits ditched
    The Justice Ministry announced on Friday a set of new measures to toughen its refugee screening processes as it attempts to crack down on what it sees as a flood of unskilled laborers in Asia who abuse the system to land jobs in Japan.
    All applicants with a valid visa status are given a work permit six months after applying, followed by a lengthy screening processes to be recognized as refugees. Until the final judgment, applicants are allowed to work in Japan.
    The ministry said it will abolish the work permit starting Monday, claiming it has been abused by numerous immigrant workers whose real goal is to work in Japan for longer periods.

    In 2016, the Justice Ministry saw a record high 10,901 apply for refugee status. Of that figure, Japan granted the status to only 28 individuals, saying the rest did not meet standards set by the 1951 convention.

    • Good for Japan.

      • tom_billesley

        Announcement Friday, for action Monday. You’d not get that in the West.

      • The Buddhist Butterfly

        I wish I was a Japanese butterfly.

        • Oddly enough, if one were to actually stumble upon a sh–hole in Japan, one would be arrested by its subtle yet haunting beauty.

          That’s right. Japan takes such pride in itself that even occasional holes of sh– are well-kept.

          Take that, entire country of sh–holes!

          • The Buddhist Butterfly

            I don’t think I could ever do one of those Japanese toilets.

          • In Japan, there are two kinds. Go as your heart desires.

          • Alain

            Exactly. In the homes of friends and relatives the toilets have heated seats that will wash your you know what afterwards, blow dry it and even spray talcum powder. One button is for men and a different one for women, since two locations get washed. We have one of those seats on our own toilet, except that it is a much earlier model in that it will wash both men and women but not blow dry and the rest. The main thing is that it is a heated toilet seat. You immediately get a shock if you need to use it during a power outage however.

          • Go at one’s own peril.

  • tom_billesley

    The head of the South African Police Service is Lieutenant-General Khehla Sitole.
    Careful how you spell his name.

  • Waffle

    A rose by any other name . . .

  • mauser 98
  • tom_billesley

    Asian media struggled to translate “shithole countries.”

    Haiwainet, a news portal of China’s state newspaper People’s Daily, used lan guo, or 烂国, which means “countries that suck.”
    Taiwan’s Central News Agency tried niao bu sheng dan de guo jia, or 鳥不生蛋的國家, meaning “countries where birds don’t lay eggs.”
    South Korean news portal went with 거지소굴, pronounced “go-ji-so-gul,” meaning “beggars’ haunts.”
    The Japanese daily Sankei opted for 便所のように汚い国, or “Benjo no yō ni kitanai kuni,” meaning “countries that are dirty like toilets.”

    • felis gracilis

      Meanwhile a Chinese journal referred to Canada as 发臭的小土豆的国家, meaning “country of stinking little potatoes”.

      • Linda1000

        Lol, I guess Justine and Sophie didn’t impress President Xi Jinping very much.

      • Watchman

        A country with a history of Turdeaus at the top of the heap, and everyone else underneath.

      • Lightstream

        Oh my gosh! I’m so insulted and upset, I’ll have to go on TV and cry!

    • Tooth&Claw

      Japan’s the winnah!

    • Watchman

      In most of Asia a shi!thole country would be useful, given their traditional use of sh!tholes to add extra fertilizer to the local food growing fields. It seems from your evidence that only Japan has moved away from this association.

  • Malcolm Y

    In the late 1700s during the Haitian revolution they killed all the white people – mainly by disemboweling them. They thought that solved all their problems but six months later they were all starving so then it was the mulattos’ fault so they killed them. This didn’t help but they proceeded to kill “whites.” And since then they’ve been a sh!thole country mostly run by tin pot dictators – remember Papa Doc Duvalier? They had BAD problems in the early 20ieth century and numbers of them started going into the Dominican Republic. But the DR was, relatively speaking, fairly successful because they have a lot of white blood in them, so the DR sent their “army” up to the border and began mowing down the Haitians. Problem solved.

    • UCSPanther

      That incident was the Parsley Massacre of 1938. In addition to its infamy as an atrocity, it was also a tale that would later illustrate the corruption of the Haitian government (Which is endemic).

      Raphael Trujilo tried to hide his army’s involvement in that rampage, but his troops made the mistake of using their service rifles (Krag-Jorgensons) in the attack, which allowed the international community to trace it back to his regime. In order to smooth things over, he gave a “compensation package” of $10 to each survivor of the rampage

      The money was paid to the Haitian government, and once their bureaucrats were done their skimming, the survivors only got $2 or less of that money each…

    • John

      Even Jamaica won’t accept Haitian boat people.

      About three years ago the DR repatriated 1000s of Haitians back to Haiti, some of whom were in their 80s and had lived AND worked in the DR for decades. Hardly anyone knows about this.

      This was under Barak Obama’s watch. No one among the BLM crowd had anything to say. Obama had nothing to say. It was an enormous human rights violation, but no one in the Obama administration ( or at CNN or PBS etc) lifted a finger or expressed any indignation.

  • Morticiaa

    Haitians I know personally call it a ahithole
    And recognize that in the past 30 years after all the money put into the country
    Nothing has changed
    It is a shithole
    Never apologize for the truth Trump
    Trump is the first real truther in politics
    All the other assholes will die forgotten

  • ontario john

    In further news that diversity is our strength, the media is outraged that a muslim girl had her bag over the head cut off in Toronto. Apparently Asian Islamophobes are running rampant in Canada. The attacker was described as Asian. Wynne is ranting about this attack on a girls hijab

    • Lightstream

      Did you see her mother (I think it was her mother), crying and sobbing on TV?
      Geez, I’m sick of this stuff.

  • Malcolm Y

    12 real Americans die each day because of Illegal/other aliens. Their blood stains the hands of the democrat party and the venal republicans and their owners the Chamber of Commerce etc. These villains should be repaid in kind.

  • Jack Lipnick

    The good news is that if they aren’t shitholes then they won’t need to receive any more aid money from whitey.

    • Lightstream

      Good point.

  • People are far angrier that these countries were termed as “sh–holes” than their actually BEING “sh–holes”.


    • If they weren’t sh–holes there’d be no reason to get upset. I mean, you could call Switzerland a sh–hole. No one would care.

  • Watchman

    Well, if many of them smell like that, why can’t we call it like that? Regardless of whether Trump used that actual word.