France: Court can’t agree on Muslims fired for beard length

PARIS (AP) — A French labor court was unable to agree Thursday whether four Muslim security guards were unfairly fired from their jobs at Orly airport after the 2015 Paris terror attacks for refusing orders to trim their beards.

The former guards sued the private company that had employed them, claiming they were victims of discrimination based on religion and physical appearance arising from the panic over the deadly attacks.

The labor court in Bobigny, on the outskirts of Paris, was expected to rule on the case Thursday. But the panel of four non-professional judges was unable to reach a majority position and sent the case to a professional judge who will issue a decision at a later date, Eric Moutet, a lawyer for the former guards, told The Associated Press.

The lawsuit is the first in France dealing with the rights of employees when it comes to facial hair. The four men, still wearing beards, were at court waiting to be informed of labor panel’s written decision, but didn’t comment on its inability to issue one.

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