‘Don’t Be Evil’? Google Is Becoming A Police State

Google employees are creating their own enclave of mandatory wokeness, but they’re not content to keep this ideological policing within their own walls.

Back in the day, Google famously adopted the corporate motto, “Don’t be evil.” It hasn’t turned out so well.

The problem is that their motto didn’t define what constitutes evil, so it left an opening for narrow-minded zealots to commandeer company resources in a witch hunt against whatever they define as the forces of wickedness. That’s what has happened at Google, which has adopted a corporate culture of quasi-totalitarian ideological uniformity that it is now starting to impose on everyone who uses its services. Which is, let’s face it, pretty much everyone. For now.

  • mauser 98
  • Watchman

    Google gave up its “Don’t be Evil” ethical rule years ago, and it turned into a lesser, “You don’t have to be evil to do business.” Haven’t looked recently to see if it further changed to something like, “Don’t get caught being evil.”

  • Clausewitz

    They believe in Diversity, right up till that moment when somebody gives an alternative opinion to theirs.

    • Watchman

      As Apple’s VP of Inclusivity and Diversity recently found out the real progressive/SJW definition of ‘Diversity’ is ‘Non-white skin color’, and definitely not about having a range of differing ideas. This is why she was forced to resign after stating that a dozen white men in a room could have ‘Diversity’. The other thing is that their ‘Diversity’ requires lock step thinking regarding certain ideological social thinking, enforced by intimidation, exclusion and mandatory re-education training.