Corbella: In the name of tolerance, Trudeau attacks faith and those who serve others

In the name of “inclusion” and “tolerance,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are excluding and being intolerant to faith-based social agencies and churches from even applying for the Canada Summer Jobs program that provides subsidies to hire summer students.

In so doing, Trudeau will hypocritically be harming the very people he claims to care for the most — youth seeking work experience and the poorest of the poor in Canada.

  • G2

    It’s too bad that refusing to check The Compliance With Justin Box, doesn’t strip you of the honour of paying taxes. And, is anyone else growing weary of the little whinger claiming to know what values and truths we all hold dear and putting his weaselly words in all of our mouths? I can assure everyone alive that Justin Trudeau holds no, or very damn few, values in common with me and he certainly doesn’t speak for me in any way.

    • Linda1000

      “Me, too”.

  • ontario john

    Little Justin was almost in tears today as he denounced the incident in Toronto, where a muslim child had her hijab torn by an Asian man. Every media outlet in Canada is covering this outrage. It is the worst islamophobic tragedy in Canada. Even Wynne and Tory have expressed outrage. Because as we all know only muslim children are assaulted in diverse Toronto.

    • Linda1000
      • ontario john

        The National Post has a story today on how the “We Love Justin” tour was a joke in London last night. The hall was full of university students and Liberal Party supporters, and for the first hour he only answered questions from public and high school students. He started off the session by thanking indians for permission to talk on traditional indian lands.

        • Linda1000

          Thanks, I’ll look it up. Conrad Black’s article on the economy under Justine is good also. Say whatever about Black but he is exceptionally good at summarizing historical facts and he is a good historian.

        • Because he is a fruit.

    • When they find out that this was perpetrated by a British Asian (as opposed to a regular Asian), how quickly will this go down the memory hole?

  • deplorabledave

    This is really despicable, as despicable as husseins treatment of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Pure evil.

  • Canadian Born

    So does that mean Mosques churches can’t apply? Sorry my mistake they are the only ones that can apply because after all Canada is now a Muslim country.

  • But Canadians tolerate this, Trudeau or not.

    How many micro-brained people will laugh at religious adherents but provide no substantiation for their mockery nor do they recognise that people have the right to believe or not as they please?