The misogyny of #MeToo

If you want to see misogyny – real, visceral, woman-shaming misogyny, the kind that views women as incapable of thinking for themselves, or as possessors of such foul thoughts that they shouldn’t think for themselves – look no further than #MeToo. Forget those tragic internet threads inhabited by men whose fury with women is one part concern about feminism and nine parts because they’ve never had sex; look, instead, at the thoroughly mainstream, celebrity-endorsed #MeToo movement whose fear of men is easily matched – outdone now, in fact – by its seething contempt for women who think for themselves.

Consider what has happened to Katie Roiphe over the past 48 hours.

  • Solo712

    Problem is, Katie Roiphe sees herself as a feminist and – like the foolish would-be glasnost improvers of communism – sees the movement as an absolutely necessary guarantee that women get their just deserts. That’s a big part of the problem. There are many intelligent women writers and academicians (Christina Hoff Sommers, Camille Paglia, Cathy Young, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Daphne Patai, to name a few) who are critical of the trends and prevailing ideas among feminists. But they claim they still belong to the feminist creed, which (as Hoff Sommers wrote), was “stolen” from women by extremist ideologues and bureaucrats. Nothing of that sort ever happened. Feminism was the way most people always described the crazy excesses of social movement for women’s emancipation. The feminists, since the 1960’s, succeeded in falsifying history, recent and distant, by labeling anything friendly to women in history as “feminism”, and any advance that women made in the last cca 200 years the result of life & death struggle of feminism with men. This is the craziest myth that has ever been admitted into the mainstream in the West. It needs to be defeated and the only way women can help in that is if they renounce it as simply a group-think and a science of protesting too much. You cannot reform nonsense !

    • Uncommunist

      Perhaps they’re just insane.

    • With time the crazies may be defeated, or the current “feminism” replaced with a more sane ism

  • Jayme

    I was at a Dollar Store last week held the door open for a young women I would say she is 22-24 as she did come into the store I bumped into her by accident the look she gave me it was like I just did something wrong.