Sweden: Not Everyone Can Say #MeToo

Interest and involvement in the “#MeToo Movement” has been strong in Sweden. Internet searches for the phrase “me too” show that Swedes made almost three times as many as the Dutch population, in second place for the number of searches for “me too”.

What the #MeToo Movement reminds us of in Sweden is how the issue of sexual harassment has become very politicized. While many Swedes are eager to expose celebrities who have sexually assaulted or sexually harassed women, Sweden is still a country where sexual assaults and rapes by newly arrived and illegal migrants is denied and concealed in the most vicious ways by parts of the official establishment.

One of the clearest examples is a recent case where a rapist was not condemned and his victim was blamed.

  • Observer

    Swedish judge refuses to deport (Afghan) teens who gang-raped child


  • Hard Little Machine

    Ignoring rape is the first step. Then they will decriminalize rape by ‘migrants’. Then they will arrest their victims. Then they hang them. It’s pretty standard Islamic law in practice.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I guess selling Sweden’sprepubescent daughters is perfectly OK to the Swedish politicians in exchange for the pretend refugees who abuse them.

    • Observer

      It’s not just their daughters but also their sons if you read the above story I posted.

      • Tooth&Claw

        Regardless the politicians only care about votes, not Sweden’s children or it’s future.

      • Clink9

        The Swedish judge needs to be walked into the woods.

        With extreme prejudice.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          I have no respect for judges; they prove it every day!