Social Justice Satanists

Anti-Trumpism knows no limits.

They don’t make Satanists like they used to.

Their sins once included backmasking messages onto vinyl, taking the role of D&D dungeon master too far, spray painting pentagrams and triple sixes under overpasses, and, when really wishing to affirm the faith, ritualistically murdering other teenagers or other teenagers’ parents, usually in Beavis’s America.

The Los Angeles Times recently depicted local Satanists in the form of a Luciferian do-wop duo, #MeToo feminists, and hipsters throwing house parties. Call it rebranding. In a city once terrorized by Night Stalker Richard Ramirez, these kinder, gentler Satanists (bedecked-in-black Zachary and Alexandra James) appear in Los Angeles’s largest daily as representations of the reviled religion.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    “Hippie Jesus” wasn’t enough for these weirdos?

  • Thomas Henderson

    “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law” is the Satanist motto.

    Kinda sums up the left’s position: you must accept every outlandish thing we say, go along with every bizarre thing we do, never hold us accountable, and pretend we’re the sane ones.

    From the article:
    Saul Alinsky famously dedicated his Rules for Radicals to the Light Bearer. John Podesta infamously received an invitation to a “spirit cooking” dinner, whose hostess received an invitation to Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated — one might say cursed! — campaign’s kickoff. Satan, a failure at revolutionary politics, nevertheless makes inroads, here and there, into electoral politics. And his effective PR machine, long relying on the glamour of evil, operates at a hellish pace.

    And the media says the wrong side won in 2016. Which begs the question whose team are they on?

    • John Boy

      Sounds like the religion of peace, but then they follow the same “deity”.

      • Thomas Henderson

        The parallel has been observed by others.

        Read Jesus’ response to the three temptations by Satan in the wilderness. Then note the deeds and words of Mohammad. One is not like the other.

  • Watchman

    When you stop believing in God, you don’t believe in nothing: you start believing anything.