Norway: Afghan immigrant father rapes own daughter, ‘teaches her a lesson’ for sleeping around…….

In the fourth quarter of 2017, a district court in southeastern Norway has sentenced an Afghan man in his 40s to prison for four years and eight months for having raped his own daughter because she had sexual relations with her fiancé.

The daughter, who is in the early 20’s, has suffered a serious conflict in loyalty and a life crisis during the course of the case and has been hospitalized at a psychiatric hospital. The hideous story gives a little insight into a mentality that is extremely foreign for Norwegians, despite the fact that the convicted person has lived a long time in Norway.

  • Ed

    And Trump’s the asshole for talking about “shit hole” countries…

    • Alain

      Trump was spot on about the folly of importing people from shithole countries, because soon your own country will be another shithole.

      • You can take the Muslim out of the Shithole but you can’t take the shithole out of the Muslim.

  • ontario john

    Diversity is our strength!

    • John Boy

      Muslim family values!

  • Clink9

    This HAS to be rock bottom.

    • Alain

      No, it is a bottomless pit.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    This story is so sad.
    Deport that entire family back to their country of origin.
    Yes, the daughter too.None of them should even be in the west.

    • DVult

      Execute the father.

  • DMB

    Afghanistan, Pakistan & Somalia are three of the biggest “shit hole” countries in the world were migrants should be banned.

    • David_Martin

      You forgot Bangladesh.

      • DMB

        There are so many to list!

    • The Buddhist Butterfly

      How could you even forget Yemen?

  • andycanuck

    A better sentence than in Sweden if he serves it all.

  • Why are these people let into ANY Western country?

    I’m just not getting it.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Said this before, Mohammedan males see women as just a warm, wet hole and an extra pair of hands. This is just proof of that. See, it doesn’t matter that she was his daughter, she was a receptacle and HE OWNED her.

  • Hard Little Machine

    56 months for rape and incest? Sounds racist. He should be given a slap on the wrist

  • simus1

    Same old story.
    Disobedient western raised muslim daughter shit disturber who won’t obey and won’t leave.
    It is odd they didn’t just kill her.

  • Martin B

    “The daughter apparently put the family into shame in the eyes of the Afghan community”.

    Notice how raping your own daughter does NOT put you to shame in the eyes of the Afghan community. What else does anyone need to know?

  • David_Martin

    The daughter now qualifies for refugee status in Canada as a victim. If she hurries up and shows up in Winter she may even get a free Canada Goose parka.

    Let me guess, Jews or Jinns were at fault.

  • Uncommunist

    The President could also apply that term to all Democrat cities.

  • xavier

    Just how evil can some one be? I think I understand why Moslem societies are so dysfunctional. It”s not the cousin marriages per se but the perversity of their culture. I was reading about Moira Greyland who was horrifcally sexuallly assaulted by both her parents (Marion Bradley Zimmer and Walter Breen).
    I’ve read on the internet that one of the things that struck most (aside from the sheer evil of the parents and their circle) was how incompetent they were in the most basic things like showering, eating etc.

    So I’m wondering given Mohammed’s own perversity and Islam’s justification of pedophilia explains why Islamic civilization is so astoundingly incompetent Sin makes you stupid.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    But European countries would become depopulated if they didn’t import these primitives – er, worthy citizens.