Is Wynne so unpopular because she’s a woman? Or because she’s an incompetent lying Sack of Sh*t?

Here’s a quick question: How many women have served as a provincial premier in Canada?

Now here’s a harder question: How many of them have been re-elected as premier?

Give up?

The answer to the first question is eight. The answer to the second is just one, and she and her re-elected minority government lasted barely one month before losing a non-confidence vote and being tossed out of power.

All of the former female premiers were well-liked and respected when they first took office. But all were hugely unpopular when they were forced out as premier a few years — and in some cases just months — later.

Is there a pattern here? Is it sexism?

It must be true if the Star says so!

  • ontario john

    If the Toronto Star says its because of men in Ontario being rural sexist pigs, then it must be true. Nothing to do with the total corruption of the LIberal Party, skyrocketing hydro bills, huge deficits, and children being taught to become homosexual perverts. And it has nothing to do with the Star being a Liberal Party propaganda rag.

    • I think she’s an ugly lesbian liar.

      • LKurc

        Nobody is perfect

        • Don’t go into the kitchen if you can’t take the heat!

          Why do progressives always look for PC excuses?

          • DavidinNorthBurnaby

            because reality always seems to hurt their wittle feelings.

      • ontario john


      • DMB

        Hard to believe but uglier on the inside than out.

    • DMB

      The more nonsensical crap the Toronto “red” star spews out the more Torstar (the parent company of the Star) stock price plummets. From a high of just over $30 a share to less than $2 they are nothing more than a penny stock which if things continue at this pace the stock price will be completely worthless.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile the Toronto Sun has a Frasier Institute report that 90% of Canadians will be paying over $2000.00 more in taxes because of little Justin. I’m sure that won’t be brought up by the students at Western University tonight. They will want to hear about Diversity Is Our Strength and when they can get legal pot.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I saw a bit at that bs at Mac: What a pack of ass kissing lieberal dummies. He was nothing but a condescending pos. They ate up his bs. It was embarassing to watch.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        When he was getting heckled by that one girl and came out with ” as a teacher myself …” I vomited a little into my mouth.

      • DMB

        Universities are no longer places of “higher education” but political indoctrination. The students “eat his coddle swap” like it was candy. This is why Justin choose that forum he & Butts knew it was a safe environment were he would receive soft ball questions. Unless University students are taking Engineering or Medical Students most of the programs at Universities are a complete waste of time and money. A normal person will find someone with a lot more knowledge of the real world from a skilled trades person (a very beneficial & useful program) than any typical University student or recent graduate.

  • Deflection.

    Liberals are awfully good at that.

    Actually, they are just awful.

  • Tooth&Claw

    She’s unpopular because she’s screwing the middle class without any permission, kisses, or lubrication. She’s no better than a highwayman. She is instrumental in allowing Ontario to become the largest indebted sub-sovereign borrower in North America. She’s allowing perversion of the education system, made horrendous decisions in regard to electricity production and delivery, and is compromising Ontario’s continued economic well being as well as Canada’s well being.

    • WalterBannon

      She’s unpopular because she’s a douche

    • DMB

      When one can easily lie to one’s own family to destroy it for there very own selfish reason lying to the public while in government not only is easy to do but comes naturally.

  • ontario john

    The Toronto Sun has a story on how Wynne posted a tweet today on the announcement of a new line of trucks to be built in Ontario. The tweet included a clip showing a Camaro being built. This of course was the car that stopped production in Ontario two years ago, with the laying off of hundreds of workers. If this had of been a Trump tweet, the media would be going nuts. However here in Sunny Ways Ontario the media protects our little dunce, lesbian premier.

  • WalterBannon

    Is Wynne A Woman?

  • Who Knew

    Wynne is a woman? Who knew? I guess that’s why I read your site: investigative journalism.

  • JohnfromToronto

    Typical Star. They are ramping up their Liberal campaign and they get all their columnists in line. I thought diversity was our strength. No diversity there.

  • Gary

    Most people in Canada don’t know enough about islam outside of what the CBC tells them it is . Justin and Wynne cater to the Sunni sect of islam because it has several version of followers but Sunni’s are the majority at about 80% .

    In 2016 , she and John Tory shared the stage with a jew-hating gay Imam that was a ” refugee” from islam but now promotes it as the Perfect faith for human rights. The event was the June 14th Vigil for the Pulse Club slaughter to the LGBTQ2 persons by a devout mosque-going , quran-reading , mekkak praying man that self-identified as a muslim .
    Wynne stood there during her oration and made it about Islamophobia by mentioning it 7 times as if the Muslim was a shia that shot up a Sunni Mosque.

    John Tory and Wynne REFUSED to link islam or a muslim Extremism to the slaughter…..yet these same two are quick to label any alleged slight to islam or damage to a mosque as islamophobia by white supremacist racists , even when there are No arrests or evidence for who did it.

  • ontario john

    CTV Barrie is reporting that the final bill for redesigning the hydro bill sent to customers, will only cost 15 million dollars including the cost of hiring a behavioral scientist. Only the Liberals could spend that kind of money to redesign a piece of paper.