GOLDSTEIN: Conservatives are cowards on Indigenous issues

As long as Conservatives fail to develop a coherent policy for dealing with Canada’s Indigenous people, panicked overreactions like federal party leader Andrew Scheer firing Sen. Lynn Beyak from the Tory caucus will rule the day.

Beyak has been in trouble with the Conservative hierarchy ever since she said residential schools did a lot of good, but Scheer only removed her from caucus in reaction to letters from ordinary Canadians supporting Beyak which she posted online, some containing racist views.

  • ontario john

    And the cash keeps flowing into the whiny indian moneypit. Little Justin is giving over 250 millions to improve policing on reserves, and Indians will not have to pay tax on pot, because selling pot is an indian tradition or something.

    • Yup just keep ripping us off, it’s the Liberal way.

  • Maxsteele

    Umm, the list of things the conservatives are cowards on is long and varied. As an embarrassed member of the PC national party I am almost at the point where I will sit out the next election due to Sheer and the members virtue signalling. If there is anything they should have learned from the recent US elections is that putting forward a wishy-washy progressive platform in the hopes of attracting mentally ill and ignorant liberal voters is a disasterous strategy. Sheers strong arm tactics on the Paris agreement vote and now this nonsense shows he has no backbone and is not really a true conservative, just another flavour of socialist..perhaps not as bad as what we have here in Ontario with Brown but equally inept.

    • I will not be voting for him.

      • WildWelshWoman

        The problem is that we have very little choice. What other options do we have? Unless an independent with the cajones to take on the politically correct parties’ rises up out of nowhere, we really have a dismal future ahead of us.
        That being said, if enough REAL conservatives air their opinions and make their voices be heard by the current Conservative party, maybe there is a glimmer of hope that Scheer will get the backbone he so obviously needs to lead this country out of the quagmire.

        • Art Deco

          He won’t. ‘Real conservatives’ holding party cards are going to have to organize and replace him. At the age of 33, he’s not a finished product. However, some aspects of how he navigates his social world are hard-wired in. Margaret Thatcher he ain’t, and will never be. And, unlike other Conservative leaders, he’s got nothing to fall back on. Politics has been his life. Most Conservative leaders in the last 60 years have had a truncated extra-political career, with Brian Mulroney the notable exception. That should change.

        • No. He won’t change. What you’re seeing is the fruit of of the PC Party in full bloom.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        I’m thinking the same way.

  • canminuteman

    Residential schools did do a lot of good

  • vwVwwVwv

    Oh really, go tell me than of Indigenous Rights liberals despise of
    Jews in Israel,
    British in Britain,
    French in France,
    German in Germany,
    Polish in Poland…..
    liberals are stepping and spitting on this rights only loudmouths
    when it comes to Muslims and Blacks.

  • Shebel

    Please get tough Andrew Sheer with the Opposition. That is supposedly your job.

  • Tweety58

    I thought Canadian Indians only fermented Whine.

  • Cat-astrophe

    How fitting. The photo looks like an opening shot from Petticoat Junction.

  • robins111

    You gotta figure that the old Reformists are long gone and the party is once again infested with lib-lite.

    I’m not voting for them either. Give me a Canadian Trump and I’ll get interested.

    • Art Deco

      The Conservative Party of Canada behaves like a gyroscope and returns to its equilibrium (which, regrettably is leadership and policy development on the Animated Cadaver – Dementia Patient Stanfield-Clark spectrum.

    • Yup the Red Tory’s have won. Scheer is a dud.

      • Art Deco

        “Red Tory” or vapid careerist?

        • He’s been a Pol since he was 25, that says careerist. We need term limits to end the “Politics as a lifestyle” class.

  • Art Deco

    It would be agreeable if there were a Sam Kinison-like figure in the Conservative parliamentary caucus who would go nose-to-nose with him bellowing “LOOOOSER”.

    Why are ‘indigenous people’ such an issue in Canada? They’re a wee minority and after several centuries of contact you all should have worked out some best practices re local government, child protective services, law enforcement, schooling, and income-transfers.

    • The bureaucracy is self-perpetuating and too many refuse to give up the protected status of victimhood. The real change will have to come from the native community, there are islands of sanity within that do understand the need to take ownership of their destiny within the larger Canadian society, however much corruption exists as well.

      • Art Deco

        The real change will have to come from the native community,

        1. Determine civil service recruitment and promotion strictly according to examination results (with selected categories given physical fitness tests as well). Make civil service positions something close to at-will positions, allowing dismissal if three persons in a chain of command counter-sign a termination letter. Have post termination hearings in front of an arbitrator, but have the burden of proof on the terminated employee to demonstrate that the termination was for one of a half-dozen invalid reasons (and indemnify the wrongfully terminated, filing charges in front of an arbitrator contra those so terminating.

        2. Eliminate anti-discrimination law. Freedom of contract and freedom of association should rule. Limit restrictive covenants on real estate to measures to promote historic preservation.

        3. Limit the use of state agency to provide primary and secondary schooling to the juvenile prison system, local sheriff’s departments (as a recourse for incorrigibles no one else wants) and remote areas with scattered populations with high overhead. Otherwise, have such schooling provided by individual households, philanthroipic bodies financed by vouchers, and philanthropic bodies financed by tuition. Have county and city governments issue the vouchers, set the face value, and redeem them when presented by school treasurers. Parents wishing to home school could turn their voucher in into the county or metropolitan authority in return for cash compensation at a fraction of the face value to be determined according to the parents’ direct tax payments. Use provincial regents’ examinations for quality control.

        4. Provide through federal and provincial government medical insurance (with a high deductible) and long term care insurance (with a high contingent deductible). Finance these out of a tax which functions as a capitation at higher income levels and an income assessment below a certain threshold. Fix public financing at a given % of national income and use annual adustments to deductibles to hold it at that level.

        5. Provide medial travel vouchers and (here and there) public clinics for medical service delivery for those in remote areas.

        6. Have a government commissary and PX here and there in remote areas.

        7. Finance public colleges universities through voluntary private donations, endowment income, fee-for-service re-imbursements (to university hospitals), and voucher redemptions, and nothing else (debarring tuition and fee charges by public institutions). Distribute the vouchers per the results of competitive examination Fix the size of the redemption funds at a given % of national income flow.

        8. Otherwise, don’t subsidize particular goods and services for anyone. No public housing, no food coupons, nothing. Instead have cash transfers. Of course, all disability benefits, old age benefits, and unemployment
        compensation should have buy-in requirements, and not token
        requirements, either.

        9. Fix the share of national income which is distributed in social security payments to the elderly and disabled by periodic audits of the disability award system and by annual adjustments in the retirement age to maintain a consistent ratio of the working to the retired.

        10. Limit cash payments to the non-elderly and non-disabled population to rebates issued under a negative income tax program. Essentially, income tax liability would be calculated as follows: (r x N) – (d x c), where r is a general tax rate applicable to all, ‘N’ is one’s income (all of it, in cash and in kind), d is the number of persons on one’s book (oneself and one’s dependents), and c is a dollar-value credit (adjusted each year per changes in nominal income per capita). For some, they’d be due a net rebate. However, you add the proviso that their net rebate be capped at a particular % of their earned income, a cap which can be relaxed for those who qualify as elderly or disabled. In essence, you provide ‘matching funds’ for the wages of low wage persons, but you don’t provide living expenses for people who’ve departed the labor market unless they’re elderly or disabled.

        11. Consider disallowing disability benefits to people who’ve ruined their health with liquor and street drugs, leaving them to the ministrations of charities.

        12. Leave the vagrant population to the work of private charity. They’re not that numerous and the churches can handle their maintenance. One public service the local government might provide is police protection and security services for shelters. Put vagrants who qualify in asylums.

        13. Lower the minimum wage to a token value which provides a convenient (non-zero) demarcation of paid labor (as opposed to volunteer labor). A level of $1,60 per hour in wages or $200 a month in salary, adjustable annually according to changes in nominal compensation per worker in the economy as a whole ought to be about right.

        14. Again, at will employment should be the order of the day, unless an employer agrees to a different regime in contracts freely signed.

        15. Recharter existing trade unions as voluntary mutual aid societies which provide labor lawyers on retainer, credit union services, insurance agency &c. Limit collective bargaining agency to company unions and define the bargaining unit about the same way for all companies. Eliminate collective bargaining in the public sector.

        16. Limit employer obligations to a certain minima: to carry workmen’s comp insurance, to caculate withholding correctly, to pay withholdings to the tax collector, to compensate employees in cash, to pay wages biweekly, to pay salaries monthly, to pay per diems and piece rates within four business days, to give due notice of changes in compensation rates and the locus of worksites, &c, to provide overtime pay, to provide vacation and holiday time &c. Allow for employee tort suits in cases of wage arrearages, extortionate behavior by employers, criminal harassment on the job, personal injury above and beyond workmen’s comp coverage, and breach of explicit contracts.

        17. Don’t draw local government boundaries to provide tribal patronage. A system which allows tribes to run their own primary and secondary schools should provide sufficient cultural autonomy.

        I’ll offer a hypothesis: if the deal is that people are free agents disciplined by the labor market (and cushioned only in discrete ways which do not promote dissipation and provide no special privileges to communal groups), they will come around.

  • simus1

    I find sending off a few bucks of support to some decent conservative MP or independent candidate in some distant riding at election time is much more satisfying than marking an “X” in aid of some obnoxious local pink tory vote whore down at the local poll.

    • canminuteman

      I find voting for some fringe party or independent satisfying. That’s what I did when Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney were in power.

      • Art Deco

        Canada would benefit from ordinal balloting and the alternate vote (exercised in federal and provincial elections in single-member constituencies).

  • Scrap the Indian Act and give every aboriginal a deed to the house he has destroyed.

    Walk away.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      My brother-in-law said,”they embarass me”.