Deutschland über Allah?

Germany: Thüringen police now printing pamphlets in Farsi

  • How does that wench Merkel remain in office?

    • Concerned Canadian

      For the same reasons Trudeau and Wynne remain in office.

  • simus1

    They should change “Bundes” to “Blunders” in all honesty.
    What leads them presume their target audience is even literate in any language?

  • Watchman

    Even this measure may be mostly futile: the literacy rate in Afghanistan is only 45% for males (17% for females). Unless you have Police Pamphlet of the Month clubs, where Farsi publications are discussed and promulgated amongst a group of literate and illiterate Afghanis, it’s not going to work very well. Asking the local imam to read out the pamphlet from the minbar at Friday prayer is likely to be hugely counterproductive.

    If they do put out the Farsi pamphlet, it should be extremely blunt about rape and sexual assault: that a drunk woman (or man) is not consenting, that DNA evidence overrules four witness requirements, and that a long stay in prison followed by deportation back to Afghanistan is the most likely punishment for non consensual sex. Money payment or offering to marry a rape victim is not going to mitigate a rape. The entire pamphlet should be about penalties for certain acts that are acceptable in Afghanistan but not in Germany, such as wife beating or prepubescent child marriage. It should not contain information about German government programs they can sign up for – the Afghan community is already very good at communicating those benefits plans to their community.

  • V10_Rob

    “Diversity barriers”

    Anyone got other good names for them?