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‘Everyone hates me’ but Allah: How gay drag queen found peace despite death threats from fellow Muslims as well as Far Right Extremists

When the Tories resorted to their pathetic coalition with the DUP last June, I performed in drag outside Downing Street at the #MayMustGo protest organised by Owen Jones.

I wore a sapphire belly-dancer ensemble to boast my Iraqi-Egyptian roots, was accompanied by my pet pink unicorn hobbyhorse, and sang a parodic cover of Purple Rain that begged Theresa May to just stop immediately.

Makes sense when you remember Allah is Satan.

Stephen Hawking: Earth will become unbearably boiling hot thanks to climate change

Professor Hawking said US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, has doomed Earth to one day become uninhabitable.

And repeating his warning, the physicist said climate change deniers should look to Venus which is now a boiling planet.

Justice reform consultations ask Canadians to think beyond law and order

The Justice Department is asking Canadians to think beyond their preconceived notions about crimes — and the people who commit them — as the Liberal government readies long-promised reforms to the criminal justice system.

The interactive online consultation includes a survey asking participants to weigh in on a number of stories, such as one about a young single father caught stealing $800 from his employer, resulting in a criminal record that makes it harder for him to find a job.

Do not be concerned. Mohammad will fix this.

Our Kids Are Being Taught They’re Flawed if They’re White

It’s time American parents wake up to the reality of what many of our children are being ‘instructed’ in classrooms from coast to coast.

The American Left has morphed into our newest religion. With frightening similarities to Islam, the religion of the Left “is an authoritarian movement that wants total compliance with its dictates,” says Daniel Greenfield, journalism fellow at the Freedom Center, “with severe punishments for those who disobey.”

Canada’s special forces want to attract women for a job that’s more than kicking down doors

Canada’s special forces hope to recruit more than just a few good women in the coming years, says the commander of the elite force.

Maj-Gen. Mike Rouleau said the special forces, the highly trained military units that hunt terrorists and conduct covert operations, are considering how they can recruit more women.
More than just a nod toward society’s growing demand for gender balance, having more women in the unit would make it more effective, he said.

  • Brett_McS

    Some positive news from Europe – but not the EU – for a change:

    • k1962

      In the meantime, our vomitous PM is making it easier for people to become Canadian. He’s so dumb.

  • Shebel

    I guess that dressing up like fool is the only way to feel SAFE—
    When attempting to converse with a Muslim.

  • Blacksmith

    “And repeating his warning, the physicist said climate change deniers should look to Venus which is now a boiling planet.”
    Wow, Stephen Hawking thinks President Trump has the powers heretofore only held by the gods themselves…..

    • Dave

      I was wondering if Hawking is implying that by burning fossil fuel that we, as a planet, are going to break orbit and drift towards the sun.
      Either that, or his disease is starting to rot his mind.

      • Blacksmith

        I believe he is about 40 years or so past his “best by” date.

      • I thought he meant there were at one time humans on Venus.

    • simus1

      Hawking will never overcome Jerry Lewis’s lead as the nuttiest professor.
      By some accounts, he would have a really good chance of winning the prize for “nastiest perfesser”.

  • ontario john

    Love the photo in the Toronto Sun of the banner behind little Justin that read whether its Six Nations or Palestine, colonization is wrong. Yes feminist Trudeau continues his “Justin Is Wonderful Tour”. This time in London at another university, because only brain dead students know what is best for this country.

  • Millie_Woods

    Hawking’s embalming fluid is down a quart.

    • Uncommunist

      I don’t he’s as famous amongst other learned physicists as he thinks he is.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        At this point, Hawking is famous for being famous.

        • Uncommunist

          Imo, it’s worse, we want to think like a leftist. Hawking has that sci fi appeal for leftists and they knew they could out this freakish looking scientist. Exploitation of a low emotional quotient scientist that needs to be loved and accepted is a rather low blow to people with disabilities. Leftists are lower than snakes – to their own people !

    • Shebel

      At least he has nice teeth.

    • Slickfoot

      The voice is generated by some drunken leftists off stage.

  • Uncommunist

    Why have any standards or qualifications for women for any position they apply for, especially gubmint jobs. Ironically the very same clowns pushing for gender equality completely ignore all the other 90 percentile of gubmint jobs women hold – where’s the equality there ? Gen Rouleau is just going along to get along. There are already 280 females in jtf2 due to much much lower standards – can’t one out of 280 walk along the street in hostile territory general Rouleau ? Nope.

    • simus1

      See a PC budget item. Spend a PC budget item.
      Promotion will follow.

  • Uncommunist

    Great comment from the ceeb link and ime, a very frequent occurrence at the expense of the throwaways; the male soldier.

    Mack MacEven

    For instance last week we had a 28 yr old female Captain with 7 yrs in the military promoted to Major and made a Company Commander with 220 troops under her command. She spent her entire time in uniform, outside of formal training and two years on MAT leave as a junior administrative staff officer in a HQ so has never commanded troops or even done a foreign deployment. She was promoted over other senior Captains with two and three tours commanding troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Obviously not because she is a better leader because she has not had a chance to lead anyone yet and not because of her scholastic accomplishments because she was an average student but rather because of her gender. This was evidenced by the press conference that was called to announce her promotion and the brass that flew in to attend it. Sadly, this is not a one off case and is now becoming the norm.

    Not only does this policy affect the cohesion and effectiveness of our military, it also does nothing to advance the causes of these special interest groups because it only breeds contempt and resentment and sets up those who were promoted too soon to fail. And when they do fail, the military just moves them, usually with a promotion, to cover it up because it also means that they have failed.

    • simus1

      Don’t be concerned.
      Rockets like her usually will soon be off to another charm school post haste and somebody real will be stuck doing her appointed job for her.

  • moraywatson

    The reality show with college students being sent to a socialist country to try and survive sounds like great entertainment. For the first season use Venezuela, and call it ‘A Snowflake’s Chance in Hell’.

  • tom_billesley

    Islam and Bitcoin
    Saudi cleric Assim Al-Hakeem issues fatwa against Bitcoin, declaring it haram
    Egyptian Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, issues fatwa against Bitcoin, declaring it haram. He calls Bitcoin trading “unlawful” under Sharia law.
    Turkish Direcorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) declares Bitcoin “not compatible with islam”.

  • I would totally watch a TV show where a leftist starves to death in North Korea.

  • Malcolm Y

    So the Canadian theory is that: If raghead kids get white female nannies that dress in funny green hats and clothes, then they will grow loving the west.