Christians in Egypt face unprecedented persecution, report says

Christians in Egypt are facing unprecedented levels of persecution, with attacks on churches and the kidnap of girls by Islamist extremists intent on forcing them to marry Muslims, a report says.

In the past year, Egypt has moved up an annual league table of persecution of Christians compiled by the charity Open Doors. According to its World Watch List, North Korea is still the most dangerous country in the world in which to be a Christian, and Nepal has had the biggest increase in persecution.

But Egypt, home to the largest Christian community in the Middle East, is of particular worry. Officially about 10% of the 95 million population are Christian, although many believe the figure is significantly higher.

  • Chris

    By refusing to acknowledge the ongoing persecution and murder, our leaders have shown that they are more interested in vote-whoring to their newly imported demographic than they are to upholding the basic ideals that propelled western democracies into the forefront of the world. In some cases it goes even farther into being treasonous in nature, but for the most part it is just party politics at its very worst.

  • Linda1000

    I do think President Sisi is trying but as the article said it’s problems at the local level. Very difficult to change ingrained islamic mindsets but things would be so much worse if the muslim brotherhood was still in power.

    • caliroxanne

      While Sisi is more preferable to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, Sisi is NOT the hero that many in the West think he is. Don’t be fooled by him.

      • Linda1000

        You can thank Ozero for pushing him towards Russia and they just signed an agreement for Russia to establish a base in Egypt.

  • Would they be oppressed if they had guns?