Cher angry that VINDICTIVE DAMIEN 666 won’t help Californians

We haven’t checked in on Cher in a while, but she’s still going at it with her particular brand of Trump Derangement Syndrome and emoji-speak.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Only 15% of the people who were ordered to leave the mudslide area BEFORE the mudslides, actually left. This comes from the San Diego county sheriffs office.

    Trump must be controlling the fight or flee response in 6 out of 7 Californians.

    • Thank God for Trump.

      He’s great at taking PC crap, and then throwing it back at the brain dead progressives.

      When Obozo put boys in the girl’s bathroom, I knew things were really screwed up. But the “Trump derangement syndrome” folks win the Stupidity Super Bowl.

      • Malcolm Y

        We have identified millions more Americans that are good candidates for future Darwin Awards.

  • Reader

    Hmmm… why didn’t Cher remarrry?

    I think it is time for a musical interlude.

  • J. C.

    At least Sonny was spared the embarrassment of what his nutbar ex-wife and whack-a-doodle daughter would eventually become by skiing into that tree…