19 Insane Tidbits From James Damore’s Lawsuit About Google’s Office Environment

This article quotes communications that contain obscene language.

  • Killer Marmot

    Google encourages employees to enforce unwritten norms by harassing and ostracizing those who break them, according to the suit, and by allowing employees to create “blocklists” on their communications systems. “[Google] relies on crowdsourced harassment and ‘pecking’ to enforce social norms (including politics) that it feels it cannot write directly into its policies,” the suit states.

    And here’s a quote from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey:

    [McMurphy:] “Is this the usual pro-cedure for these Group Ther’py shindigs? Bunch of chickens at a peckin’ party?”

    [Harding:]”A ‘pecking party’? I fear your quaint down-home speech is wasted on me, my friend. I have not the slightest inclination what you’re talking about.”

    “Why then, I’ll just explain it to you.” McMurphy raises his voice; though he doesn’t look at the other Acutes listening behind him, it’s them he’s talking to. “The flock gets sight of a spot of blood on some chicken and they all go to peckin’ at it, see, till they rip the chicken to shreds, blood and bones and feathers. But usually a couple of the flock gets spotted in the fracas, then it’s their turn. And a few more gets spots and gets pecked to death, and more and more. Oh, a peckin’ party can wipe out the whole flock in a matter of a few hours, buddy, I seen it. A mighty awesome sight.

    • Google is insane, their culture is a danger to society and it’s time for regulation.

      • Killer Marmot

        Google may have broken the law by using hiring quotas. No need to regulate, then, just enforce the law.

        • Google has become WAY to BIG. It needs to be broken up.

          For a free enterprise economy to thrive, no enterprise should have near monopolistic powers over any industry.

          Google has done well. Too well – for the common good.

          Break Google up into competing entities. We will all be better off.

      • Malcolm Y

        Cannot gainsay you. But being an American, the word regulation gives me the shakes.

  • John Boy

    Or maybe an anti-trust suit to break up the company so it doesn’t have a monopoly on adversiting and on youtube and on everything else they have bought up?

  • I read through about 60 pages of the law suit.

    The top of the food chain inside Google should be embarrassed. What a cesspool of PC intelectual tripe.

  • Art Deco

    They’re bourgeois Bay Area Democrats. That’s what bourgeois Bay Area Democrats are like nowadays.

  • Malcolm Y

    When I read this kind of stuff, what pops up in my untutored mind is, it’s an intellectual realization of Animal Farm or maybe Lord of the Flies.