Quebec parties oppose making mosque shooting anniversary a day of awareness

The head of an influential Muslim group said he’s disappointed Quebec’s main opposition parties do not support a call by his organization to make the anniversary of Quebec City’s deadly mosque shooting a day of action on Islamophobia.

‘Day of action’ may not be the best choice of words.

  • Jack Lipnick

    At the risk of getting all Las Vegas here, has a motive for the shooting in Quebec even been established? Isn’t the guy going to go on trial?

    • Make 9/11 “International Islam Awarness” day.

    • Gary

      The first day for a trial is in March . But just 2 days after the tragic event we had the CBC , islamic orgs and Justin declaring the alleged shooter as guilty and called him a white supremacist terrorist .
      The media tried to tie Trump to this by the facebook information that the alleged shooter Liked Trump, but the shooter also like Jack Layton which the CBC didn’t report .
      Muslims in the mosque said that 2 person in black with masks had yelled in Arabic as they fired AK-47’s and that one re-loaded . How could muslims be that stupid to mistake 1 white male french accent shooter for 2 person in black with masks firing AK-47’s .

      I hope the alleged shooter Lawyer using Video from Justin and Imams that declared him guilty as Evidence that he can’t get a fair trial and toss it . This will rub it in the faces of those hate-filled islamists that they are NOT in some islamic crap-hole they crawled out from where they don’t need a Court Room trial and just act like rabid mobs wanting blood.

      Note how the CBC is making sure we know that Josh Boyle is innocent until proven guilty once it goes through the Court system as we see for Justin now defending Boyle .
      Will these muslims support June 23rd as a day of remembrance for the 1985 slaughter of 260 Canadians by Sikh terrorists ?

  • moraywatson

    The best remedy for ‘islamophobia’ is more ‘islamophobia’.

    • Surele Surele

      Nah, the best remedy for ‘islamophobia’ is less Islam.

      • moraywatson

        Ahem. How do you think you get less islam? With more islamophobia. The way to less islam is by de-normalizing it and marginalizing it.

        • Gary

          So you want to normalize FGM, wife beating , jew-hatred and child-bride pedophilia ???
          Wow, you could be a Senator.

          • moraywatson

            Gary. Slow down man. Do you not see the ‘de’ in front of ‘normalize’?

          • Gary

            Sorry, I thought the action Word was Islamophobia . I agree to expose islam for what it is and treat the devout jew-haters as a fringe group cult .
            I’ve watch videos from the UK at Speakers Corner in London where 90% of the pro-islam muslims are low IQ village idiots and dangerous . All they have to validate islam is the quran and yet when someone challenges the quran they then use the same quran to validate it.
            Just yesterday I saw a video where a Pakistani muslim said that allah allows adultery when a husband can’t have sex with his wife over a medical issue . The man can go have sex with a hooker because it’s better than him raping his wife.
            What he really said was that muslim men on average have no self control and are sex-starved pigs that can rape their wife or find a
            hooker …..but allah is pleased when you don’t rape your wife.

            This explains the Muslims rape-gangs in the UK .

          • moraywatson

            We’re in this together mate!

  • Observer

    How about calling the day National Liberal Jihad Day, the day when all must submit to Islam?

  • Jay Harper

    I’m all in favour of a day of awareness, although not the kind they’re talking about.

  • Morticiaa

    So if that imbicle passes a day of respect remembering for Muslims in Canada
    I will personally object by spending the whole day in shopping centres on public transit buses subways. Restaurants where ever SPITTING. All over in front of whoever
    Just spitting all over public property to express my utter disgust
    All the letters to MPS of no avail?

    • Reader

      I think I might even buy bacon for the first time, but just as a means to spread around the joy of bacon on that day.

  • karra

    Perhaps when the number approach 9/11 numbers, we can talk – or not….

  • karra

    Perhaps when the number approaches 9/11 numbers, we can talk – or not….

  • Tooth&Claw

    Islam needs to implode, and leave the rest of us alone.

  • Good.