Psychiatric Association Hammers Members Over Diagnosing Public Figures

The American Psychiatric Association called out members of its profession for offering their professional opinions about public figures—namely those they haven’t personally examined.

The rebuke comes after questions about President Trump’s mental fitness have surfaced in recent days.

  • Ya gotta be crazy to diagnose that way!

  • dapto

    Throw out those who break the rules.

    • Clausewitz

      They’re Democrats, they don’t believe in ethics.

  • Martin B

    Well it’s about time.

    These quacks and charlatans weren’t harming Trump, they were only harming themselves and all psychiatrists by association.

  • How about that it is grossly unprofessional and often erroneous?

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Diagnosing publicfigures because they espouse political beliefs that the psychologist find objectionable is nothing less than Soviet Psychiatry writ-large.
    Any mental health care professional that does so should be de-credentialed for that alone.

    • barryjr

      My thoughts but better said.

    • And these boys are a little late getting to the party. The AMA should have been speaking out publicly some 20 years ago, when Psychiatric diagnoses were first being politicized with identity politics. E.g.; all the phony “phobias” attributed to millions of normal citizens who simply disagree with fascist-Socialist policies — “xenophobia”, ‘homophobia”, “Islamophobia”, “Transphobia”, etc. Not to mention “climate denial”, which not only implies some sort of mental disconnect with reality, but a criminal act — a supposed mental disorder that implies that people are criminally insane and should be jailed for the crime.

      No thanks to the morons in the AMA the new political “diagnosis paradigm” has practically become the norm. Not that Psychiatry/Psychology has had a stellar scientific refutation in the first place — it is already the least scientifically-reliable of the medical disciplines because it is the most interpretive, functioning largely outside the realm of the measurable material sciences.

      Politics could sink the discipline for good.

  • Oracle9

    A conservative professional tells the wrong joke and his career is toast.

    These lefty quacks abuse their privileges, cheapen the whole profession’s credibility with these lies, and get nothing but a wishy washy comment from their so-called association.

    Where are the psychiatric licence revocations?

    • shasta

      “whole profession’s credibility” What credibility? Much of psychiatry has been suspect for years.

      • Oracle9

        Guess you and those around are lucky enough to have had no need for their services.

        • shasta

          My need for a car mechanic says nothing about the skills of said mechanic.

  • DaninVan

    I’m really glad to see the Professional Association taking a stand on this practice. I said the other day, here, that since Trump wasn’t her patient that she likely hadn’t actually broken any Professional ethical rules…glad to see I was wrong.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)
    • Watchman

      Nothing to lose then.