Mosul’s British Commonwealth cemetery desecrated by ISIS

British war graves in Mosul have been found destroyed six months after the city was liberated from ISIS fanatics by Iraqi security forces.

Iraqi forces defeated ISIS in the city in July 2017 after months of intense urban battles that left much of its buildings little more than ruins.

Pounded by constant shell fire from the jihadists and air strikes from the international coalition trying to free them, most of Mosul’s residents fled during the battle.

Meanwhile Mosul War Cemetery, which is about a mile west of the now-ruined Old City and contains hundreds of burials from the First and Second World Wars, was desecrated by jihadists.

  • mobuyus

    islam will not even let the dead alone, the islamic tentacle reach’s even into the grave.

  • If it makes the British feel any better, they did that to Christians, as well.

  • simus1

    SOP for jihadi muslim filth throughout ME, E and N Africa. Of course there is also the fact that the governments in the buried soldiers homelands have zero interest in seeing their remains excavated from such shitholes and buried somewhere decent as a gesture of long overdue respect. Wonder how many of them were murdered WW 1 POWs thanks to that idiotic British General What’s His Name.

    • Lightstream

      Yeah, why aren’t they taking these soldiers bodies home and burying them there?

      • simus1

        It goes back to a time in earlier centuries when large numbers of the dead from European battles had to be quickly interred to prevent or try to minimize disease outbreaks. Various stories were concocted later as to why this practice should extend to a later general tidying up in place throughout Europe and provide closure for mourning relatives of the dead. The fact that worldwide wars and colonial conflicts would later leave war graves in very inhospitable areas among the sworn enemies of those killed was glossed over and best forgotten for the most part as a simple economy measure.

  • Literally Hitler

    Unfulfilled with beating up and abusing the frail, elderly and children the ISIS cowards turn their rage upon the deceased.

  • Dave

    And freaks are complaining that Iraq is executing these wastes of skin.
    Almost makes me ashamed to be human.