Kingston pub dropping Sir John A. Macdonald namesake after indigenous requests

A pub in a building where Sir John A. Macdonald once had his law office is dropping a reference to Canada’s first prime minister from its name after receiving requests to do so from members of the Indigenous community.

The Scottish pub in Kingston, Ont., once known as “Sir John’s Public House,” will now be called “The Public House,” its owner said, noting that a new sign was being erected Tuesday.

What a stupid move.

  • CodexCoder

    And it won’t stop with that move. Liberal SJWs can’t stop whining about something, and if you give that mouse a cookie…you know the rest.

    • JoKeR

      What is the new name going to be, the Pierre Trudeau Public House, the Fidel Castro Public House, or how about Justin’s favourite, the Chairman Mao Zedong Cultural Revolution Pub?

      • ontario john

        Call it Chief Spence House, and have an all day, all you can eat buffet.

      • moraywatson

        Prime Minister Socks is going to have it turned into a mosque.

    • Clink9

      Should rename it “The Coward House”.

  • Observer

    Correction: after receiving requests from the “activist” Marxist portion of the indigenous community.

    I wonder if they may have had names like Ward Churchill or Elizabeth Warren?

  • ontario john

    He should have waited for little Justin to arrive and apologize first, before removing the sign. It would have brought more attention to our genocidal past if Justin was there crying.

  • mauser 98

    natives will put sign back up for right money $$$

  • mauser 98
  • Oracle9

    Welcome to the CSSR. Purging our history is one of the necessary steps.

  • chayisun

    ” They said that it was no longer a safe place for them, and that the name ’Sir John’s’ just brought back too many unhappy memories for their communities,”….Not a safe place for them. Due to a name. I don’t want to sound, you know, racist and all but a pub and Indians go together like a horse and a carriage, to quote a certain probably racist song. As for not feeling safe in the pub it brings about the question why? Is it because the threat from the ghost of old Sir John A. or possibly the threat from too much alcohol…..As to the unhappy memories I would like to suggest they give it a rest. Many NON natives have suffered quietly the “unhappy memories” of a less than happy childhood in foster homes. Maybe THEY should put a price tag on that and sue the government.

    As for the owner of the place that yellow stripe on your back is not very becoming.

    • Sharkibark

      Memories? Didn’t the bloke die like… *cough* *cough* 120 or so years ago?

      • It is possible that Big Aboriginal is filled with time-lords.

      • chayisun

        Don’t tell them that. They think he’s still living upstairs in the pub and plotting against them.

    • Uncommunist

      Apparently they are not important … or not as important as some ‘others’

    • How old are these people that they have recent memories of Sir John A. MacDonald?

  • richard

    Change the name only if they all promise to get a job.

    • Canadian Born

      They don’t have to get jobs, because us taxpayers are giving them 100 million dollars, so says the moron that is our crooked PM.

  • Editor

    They should not have accepted. Never apologize to, as Observer astutely puts it, the “activist” Marxist portion of the indigenous community. They will never be satisfied. Victim status and complaining is the point. Not the result. They’ll be pushing for smudging the place next.

    • Dave

      Or indigenous discounts -> free fire water.

  • Mark

    Please. Like a name is going to stop a native from drinking there. The only thing keeping them away would be the prices.

    Better kick me out of caucus Andrew!

  • Maxsteele

    I live in Kingston and the only reason I went into the establishment was because of its historical significance and the memorabilia from Sir John A. it is the only thing that separated it from the many other pubs in the area. I for one, due to their cave to the SJW’s who want to erase all of our history, will never step into the establishment again.

    • Dave

      You should let them know that.

      • Tooth&Claw

        Yes, with the 10 dollar bill comment above.

    • andycanuck

      Are there many Indians in Kingston as well? (Outside the prisons that is.) Because Kingston doesn’t ring a bell the way that Sudbury or the Soo would for Indian populations.

      • Maxsteele

        Actually the area has quite a large native community. Not anything like up north but pretty large. The Mohawk nation is all around the city and, as you pointed out, many more move here to be close to their loved ones being “housed” in the prison system. I bet that most of this has been motivated by some white university professor who stirred up a few local natives or perhaps a class project to make this happen.

        • andycanuck


  • Jack Lipnick

    I thought that headline was

    “Kingston Pub Dropping Prices After Indigenous Requests”

  • Morticiaa

    Yes this whole concept must enter the national debate and not with the dummy politicians who we elect to keep house for us.
    How far back and what perimeters do we establish to judge all the actions of those in our past
    By our present vantage point
    As civilizations develop, easy to judge all actions of our predecessors as
    Most of the appeasing and apologizing is just political pandering
    I am sick of it
    The little dimple faced boy better get some backbone

  • Sharkibark

    Okay that totally fixes everything wrong with the indigenous community, time to move on to solve the next problem!

  • Art Deco

    Mr. Fortier’s stock-phrase groveling is repulsive. Would motivate me to avoid all of his other establishments.

  • Jay Currie

    The correct response to such witless “demands” is a firm “fuck off”… However, where someone is too dim to make that repose they are unlikely to run a very good pub. Which is what Yelp and such like are for. Imposing a cost for caving is the only way these people will learn.

  • moraywatson

    Is there a statute of limitations on sanctimony?

  • simus1

    The DIA has always been a lefty Lieberal smelly patronage fortress no matter the party supposedly in power. No prime minister has ever shown any backbone in sorting it all out and freeing the reservation slaves from their onerous captivity.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Wow, spines of jelly. It’s history not a celebration of it.

  • Keep up the kow-towing, guys! Serve that cowardice with a side of waffle fries!

  • Maggat

    Gutless twits, probably liberals.