Jack Mintz: Sorry, Ontarians. Wynne’s wage hike is going to penalize you all

Time and again politicians stick us with policies that create more harm than good. And now Ontario’s harmful policy to drive up minimum wages has led to a dustup over between Premier Kathleen Wynne and members of Tim Hortons’ founding family, Ron Joyce Jr. and his wife, Jeri-Lynn Horton-Joyce, who own two stores in Cobourg, Ont.

Wynne says the Joyce family is a “bully” for adjusting to her forced minimum-wage increase — from $11.60 to $14 beginning this month — by cutting back staff benefits (including coffee breaks, ironically enough). Tim Hortons’ corporate parent company, Restaurant Brands International, fearing a customer backlash, cowered, and denounced the benefit rollbacks as the “reckless” actions of “a few restaurant owners … (who) do not reflect the value of our brand.”

Not like we have a plethora of choices.