“Islam has only brought us misery.” – #IranProtests in Vancouver, Canada!

I bet Justin will cry when he watches this.

  • ontario john

    Well I hope they don’t protest in front of a Liberal Party riding office, or they will be called Nazis like in St. Catherines Ont.

    • Justin sure hates Nazi ex-Muslims

      • Jay Harper

        Islamophobic Nazi ex-Muslims.

    • shasta

      “St. Catherines Ont.” – -1 for spelling it is St. Catharines. Sorry, but I have hated this mistake since I was 6 yrs old.

  • Jack Lipnick

    It’s true of course. For all their boasting about their great history, it was extinguished when they lost to the Arabs and gave up Zoroastrianism for Islam.

    Although that probably isn’t even what that guy means. They want to have their cake and eat it – just a bit less in your face Islam, but Islam all the same.

    • jayme

      I’m not sure that that’s entirely fair. The number of Zoroastrians (and Christians, for that matter) secretly and dangerously practicing in Iran continues to increase. Many still observe ancient ceromonies such as a pilgrimage to the tomb of Cyrus the Great, all in defiance of the Islamic government. Islam did not fully extinuguish the Persian culture, as it destroyed every other culture that it encountered.

      • canminuteman

        Cyrus the Great conquered half the known world, so from our perspective, Iranians wanting to follow the ways of Cyrus, is no better that Iranians wanting to follow the ways of mohammad.

        • Jay Harper

          Except that Persians allowed subject peoples to follow their own religion and laws. All you had to do was send tribute and provide soldiers to the Great King, the Mega Basileus.

  • Gary

    No matter how many people , or muslims, flee islamic States for canada to make a Refugee claim FROM islam…..our brain-dead leaders still won’t connect the dots or choose to ignore them for Political reasons to get elected .
    In January of 2015 we had a brutal period of cold (right to March) and in just 48 hours Toronto had 3 white male Canadian homeless persons freeze to death. John Tory and the rent-a-mob Advocate groups were outraged and demanded Harper do something.
    Okay….but later that year Justin promised Mayor Tory part of the near $50 billion in spending if he got Elected and he promised to bring in 25,000 refugees from Syria. Liberals won and suddenly the mayor Tory spit on the graves of the homeless Canadians living on the streets because Toronto set-up a special hot-line for Welfare and Housing so the muslims can’t get instant help by this CUPE 416 staffed Service.

    One year ago Mayor Tory made Toronto a Sanctuary City since there were already over 300,000 working for cash and not paying taxes on top of Joe Mehivic saying the are entitled to welfare .
    Justin , Wynne and Tory don’t want us to notice that Barriers were put around City Hall to stop Jihadists from ramming crowds with a car/truck or that City Hall now has a Metal Detector to protect CUPE member from a weapons carrying jihadist.
    But with an Election this year we saw John Tory go back to exploiting the homeless crisis by the recent cold weather while Justin comes to the rescue and opens the Federal Armory building at $4000 a night. This tactic and action is know as Crisis management and the White Knight method where someone puts off an issue until it’s such a crisis that people will accept anything to solve it.
    So now we saw Justin and Tory embrace flooding Canada with illegals and refugees where about 80% head to Ontario and of those 90% head to Toronto and burden the system ( for welfare and housing) but that was so 2015 and the current homeless crisis has NOTHING to do with 300,000+ illegals and the 25,000 illegals where close to 85% are still on welfare .

    So the new norm is Barriers around Government buildings and the annual jew-hating iran muslims with their al-quds hate-fest plus the pro-hamas jew-haters on Campus and at Dundas and Yonge st .

    If Tory , Wynne and Justin want to commit suicide….that’s fine for them, but they have no right to get me killed with them .
    Diversity is NOT OUR strength but THEIR strength because right now in Toronto we see the alt- islam Supremacists , Brown Supremacists ( La Raza ) and Black Nationalists growing in power and protests to carve their piece of the City. With over 60 nationalities and close to 120 Language Services……it will only get worse where the system becomes like the UN where a Block of malcontent Minorities run the City and have power to vote in MP’s and MPP’s .

    I tend to look at the whole picture to project forward , it doesn’t look good but I’m close to moving out of Toronto before it implodes which means I can watch the news on TV to see it burn to the ground like Detroit or become like Baghdad with islamic sects bombing each others Mosques and Markets .

    • Maggat

      Lots of room in Black Creek and it’s very peaceful as well a good climate. Come on over.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Where are the Human Rights Commissions?

    Why aren’t they taking names and charging all of them with Islamophobia?

  • chayisun

    Trudeau won’t see this. He still hasn’t figured out how to work the remote for the TV. Besides, his handlers wouldn’t let him see it anyway as they don’t want to see him cry…..

  • barryjr

    Justin has CSIS sending reports on these Nazi Islamophobes to Iran even as we speak.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    All I see are are bunch of cowards who ran instead of fighting for their country.