If you are a migrant fleeing war & persecution, why is it you decided to leave your wife and children behind?

Seven French mayors have written an open letter saying they are saturated with migrants, a record 100,000 of them claimed asylum in France in 2017, and in Germany, 90% of the surge in violent crime is attributable to young migrant men.

  • John Boy

    To enslave Infidel women and churn out little jihadi’s with them?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Every million ‘migrants’ is one million more points of light in the constellation of diversity. Europe needs 50 million more. A hundred million. More more more

  • Millie_Woods

    Commenters here have been asking the same question for 3 years now. Nice that Europe and the MSM has caught up with BCF.

  • Because Islamist men are cowards and mooches.

    • John Boy

      Don’t discriminate against men. They all are!