Finland: Police investigate gay politician for post about Islam…

This is what Sebastian Tynkkynen posted “Terrorism knows no religion. If you don’t count Islam”

  • canminuteman

    It is well worth reading the article at the link.

  • Muslims throw Gay people from buildings tied and head first but Gays are not allowed to express concerns for their lives. Politicians are mere supervisors and facilitators for the destruction of our society. Muslims do not hate it’s just their culture to despise anyone who does not convert, subjugate and rape women and do everything they can to bring us back to the stone age. They will not assimilate they just take territory as they consider non Muslims to be unclean. Muslims trying to reform are put down and threatened with death.

    • Our political class is as culpable and should be put on trial for having purposely promoted mass immigration from Islamic countries.

      • Promoting Nazism is a crime.

        Promoting Islam should be a crime.

  • Bubba2 Butane

    For Western Europe and Canada it’s

  • Thinking From First Principles

    Terrorism has no religion. But one religion teaches terrorism as a virtue.

  • John

    Gays have passed their Best Before when it comes to the destruction of Judeo-Christian civilization.

    ‘Peak Gay’ was reached back about 1995. Now Big Gay will be subjected to the same abuses and thought-crime accusations (and the attendant convictions) they once lobbed at everyone else.

    Very few of them are aware of this yet.