British Army Targets Emotional 90 Pound Weakling Gay Muslims In New Recruitment Drive

The British Army‘s new campaign is targeting recruits from different backgrounds, genders, sexualities and faiths.

The scheme, which will see a series of adverts broadcast on television, radio and digital platforms, is titled ‘This is Belonging 2018’.

As part of the campaign, which cost around £1.6million to produce, a series of animations will be released on social media.

Among them will be films that ask ‘Can I be gay in the Army?’ and ‘What if I get emotional in the Army?’

Other videos ask ‘Can I practise my faith in the Army?’, ‘Will I be listened to in the Army?’ and ‘Do I have to be a superhero to join the Army?’

I bet the person who came up with this idea got a promotion.

  • ontario john

    So they are trying to recruit Trudeau lookalikes? I’m sure the Russians, Chinese, and ISIS must be shaking in their boots.(with laughter)

  • tom_billesley

    Sergeants who shout at recruits will be sent for retraining.

  • JusticeVegas

    If the British Army wants to recruit Muslims, they’ll have to say they are recruiting for ISIS. It’s no secret that more British Muslims fought for ISIS than are in the entire British military.

  • canminuteman

    When the natives have figured out that the government has no interest in preserving the country, and are only interested in replacing you with aliens, there is really no point in having an army at all, let alone joining it.

  • Marvin

    Here is what they can expect.

  • Editor

    This is indicative of how far the SJW rot has infected our institutions. Higher ups, one would presume career military men, and possibly wimminz, which is probably part of the problem, are willing to ignore what an army’s role is; ugly, violent combat and kowtow to the current touchy feely ideology of inclusion. Apparently their careers and pensions are more important than military preparedness and efficiency. The priority seems to be turning the British Army into a safe space for snowflakes. They should seriously consider changing their motto from “Be the Best” to “I can’t even right now”.

    • JoKeR
      • Editor

        Yep. This used to be comedy. Although comedy is almost always based on a kernel of truth. And this was in the mid 70s.

    • I think they did, just before Christmas, on the grounds that the slogan “Be the Best” discouraged those who wanted to be the worst, the second-best or just useless. This was deemed “non-inclusive”. I understood the Defence Secretary reversed the decision on the quite disgustingly elitist grounds that he wanted the best in the Army. I am surprised he still has a job.

      The current advert, however, says: “This is Belonging”. And this is what CNN said yesterday “The new advertisements feature questions such as “Can I be gay in the Army?”, “Can I practice my faith in the Army?”, and “What if I get
      emotional in the Army?”

      Britons can now feel safer in their beds in a war, knowing they are being protected not by the fighting best, but by effeminates, Fifth-Columnists and needy, weeping Mummy’s Boys. I think I would rather have Monty Python’s mob.

  • Solo712

    Of course we are talking recruitment for an Army that can only fight islamophobia, sexism and homophobia in its ranks. Assure equality of opportunity to get throats cut by the Taliban!

  • John

    In terms of military efficiency, this reminds one of the video you posted a while back showing U.S. soldiers attempting to march in formation while under the influence of LSD.

  • simus1

    It is important to remember that armies are the oldest bureaucracies and budget whoring based on some passing ruler’s silly proclivities has never been a problem with them. Kings come and kings go, wars are won or lost, as long as their slice of the tax pie is kept safe, they have no complaints.

  • Dave

    At this rate, the french forces (snicker) are going to be able to kick britains ass!