Why the Fiberals are faking their minimum wage outrage

Nothing takes the mob’s mind off one’s own indefensible and appalling misconduct quite like shaming some other villain.

Ontario Labour Minister Kevin Flynn tried to do just that Monday in a stunning, self-serving farce of a press conference where he threatened, bullied and promised to publicly out Ontario businesses for wrongs they haven’t, and are wholly unlikely, to commit.

A reality check to follow, first the latest news.

The Ontario Liberal Party has one goal only; to steal the bread off your table.

  • Chris

    The Libs keep using this vile tactic because it has proven to work well for them in the past. Very soon the poverty pimp industry will be dominating the newsfeeds, publicly castigating all of the evil corporations for keeping the little guy so downtrodden. The Working Class Family Coalition will start running a series of tv and internet ads claiming that pantywaist Brown is threatening to take candy from the mouths of babies and the L.I.V. sheeple of this province will eat it up like locusts. We are well and truly screwed people.

  • They’ve even set up a bullying hotline.

    • andycanuck

      I think that was a union doing that.

    • DMB

      People on mass should call the bullying hotline and report Wynne for bullying small businesses.

  • Wynne admitted Tim Horton’s didn’t break the letter of the law so she claimed they violated the ‘spirit of the law” which apparently justifies trial by media.

  • Blacksmith

    “The Ontario Liberal Party has one goal only; to steal the bread off your table.”
    And then use it to pay off their imported votes.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I’ll drink too that; Oops, they’ll steal that too.

  • Canadian Born

    Why aren’t the provincial politicians being ousted for all their pay raises?

  • It’s called deflection.

  • DMB