Lawyer for Sherman family says public was misled by police statement

A lawyer for the family of Barry and Honey Sherman, who were found hanged in their Toronto home last month, says a police statement that there were “no signs of forced entry” invited the public to wrongly conclude it had been a murder-suicide.

“It’s simply absurd,” Brian Greenspan said in an interview.

Police were quoted in initial news reports as saying they had not observed any signs of a forced entry to the Shermans’ sprawling home on Old Colony Road, and that, at least at that point, indications were that there was no outstanding suspect beings sought.

  • tom_billesley

    “no signs of forced entry” could just mean that they knew an attacker, were deceived by a caller, or left a window unlocked.

    • Exile1981

      The house was for sale. There would have been a realitors box on the door. So anyone with the code could have accessed the key.

      • Linda1000

        It’s relatively easy to get a code to those boxes. Just call up the listing realtor and say you have a client who wants to see the property. Any number of people could have passed on the code including a possible client/buyer who happened to view the code punched in by a showing realtor.

  • It’s shocking that the cops are in the Sherman case, so far, apparently, completely befuddled. This is like the Las Vegas shooting, where the cops remain to date without a clue as to motive.

    • J. C.

      They were likely killed because of what they knew about the Clintons. From what I’ve read, Sherman’s pharmaceutical company was ‘contracted’ by the Clinton Foundation to supply medicines for Haiti after the earthquake. Apparently, Sherman was supposed to supply generic drugs but would be paid brand name prices by the CF with the difference in pricing to be pocketed by both parties. With the Clintons now under investigation, they’re attempting to tie up as many ‘loose ends’ as possible.

      Truth…? Conspiracy theory…? Who knows anymore… But if they really did have ties to Hillary, they were playing with fire…

      • Are you implying that the police in this case are intentionally being dumb, to cover for the power elite (the Clintons and their friends)?

        • J. C.

          The police would never do something like that, would they…?!?!?! 😉

          • It is rumored that some 20 murders were performed, or contracted, by the Clintons over the years, to cover their backs, One or two more would not be surprising.

  • Jack Lipnick

    The idea that it was a murder-suicide was always absolutely ludicrous.
    Their address being published in the paper the week before the murder can’t have helped.

  • LKurc

    Professionals don’t leave signs. There’s a reason that the family hired private investigators. The Toronto police are not up to this kind of an investigation. They also aliented the family when they kept on insisting that the crime was a murder/suicide. Anyone who knows anything about Barry and Honey knows how ludicrous that scenario is.

  • Gary

    When I read about the Bob Crane murder it was the same where the Police said that there was no forced entry . But I was curious if there was no forced Exit .
    Bob Crane’s ground level Apartment had the front door among a series of them similar to a motel where people could see someone leave . But his death was while in bed and there was a rear set of sliding doors off the Kitchen that was
    perfect for leaving in the dark .
    The Police made a mess of the case with several people allowed in to walk around the touch things.

    As for the Sherman case…..the snow would expose foot print for anyone leaving from the window or back door . We also don’t know if they were dead before the hanging by the autopsy because the Heart gets starved of oxygen since it gets the fresh blood from the lungs first and then goes to the body. The brain would be starved too .
    If a drug killed them the heart would stop and all of the blood would be equal for traces of oxygen .

    Where’s Columbo when you need him.

    • Lol. He changed his name to Gary!