Genius Professor Blames Asian Students Desire To Hang Out With Other Asians On White Racism

While international students responded that self-segregation was a “preference,” Kwon was troubled by the notion, casting doubt over whether their choices are based on “past historical injustices” and “contemporary racism under normative whiteness.”

In other words, Kwon’s theory suggests that “normative whiteness” in America actually causes Asian students to self-segregate. For instance, when a student named Sam expressed an “inability to make friends beyond his fellow circle of Asian Americans,” Kwon observed that he didn’t stop to consider that this issue is caused by “forms of racial discrimination.”

The fact that international Asian students didn’t see self-segregation as a problem was troubling for Kwon, who argued that their passivity can serve to “reinforce colorblind racism.”

Maybe they could make white students wear these Made in Hong Kong glasses to coax the Asian kids to hang out with them!

  • Spatchcocked

    I remember a 60s H.Lampoon article that said any mail to Chairman Mao from the USA should just state “head slope slantland”.

  • k1992

    I had a friend in university from Hong Kong (15 years ago now) and he used to tell me that his fellow oriental “friends” tended to ostracize him for hanging our with “Canadians”. I guess white privilege was just as strong in those days as it is now.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Can I wear those “oriental” glasses with “blackface” and an appropriated sombrero, while riding a Tijuana “zonkey”?

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    On a more serious note, if you ever want to know where your enemy’s head is at on a certain issue, pay attention to what they falsely accuse you of doing.
    Most Asians are racists, they are racist against whites the least.
    That is part of the reason they congregate in academic settings, the other reason is that they are prolific cheaters, and they prefer to cheat in their native language, as both a means of evading detection, but also as a means of excluding others from their group so that they, and they alone, will benefit from any grading curves.
    In instances where there were only one or two Orientals in a class, they were mostly worthless in study groups and virtually never pulled their own weight, simply because the rest of us were not cheating.
    Any discrimination that is going on in these circumstances is entirely their doing.

    • The Chinese are perhaps the most Xenophobic people on Earth.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Tribes have never willingly mixed.
    Why should they? The birds of a feather meme will ALWAYS rule the roost.

    • We are all “Xenophobic” it is natural, and we are hard wired for it whether for purposes of socialization, fight or flight, breeding etc.

  • People tend to hang out with those whose interests, ect are familiar to them.

    That’s human nature.

    But why let facts get in the way?

  • DMB
  • Hard Little Machine

    The classic Han face in China is not only a mark of beauty but one of high status. They’re just as racist as anyone else.

  • Alain

    One has to really ignore to fall for this lie. First of all it is normal for people who share a common language and culture to want to “hang out together” regardless of their colour/race or whatever. Second I wish to point out that Asians do not hang out with Asians for any reason, since you will find most of them avoiding Asians of a different country, language and culture. You do not find Chinese wanting to “hang out” with Koreans or Japanese, nor to Korean and Japanese “hange out” together with each other. I am fed up with whites being told they must not “hang out” together, because it is racist while all others are given a green light to do the same. This however is even worse in claiming that whites are responsible for “Asians” desiring to “hang out” with only Asians.