David Cameron thought Barack Obama was a narcissist, says ex-aide Steve Hilton

The man who served as David Cameron’s director of strategy said the former prime minister thought Barack Obama was one of the “most narcissistic, self-absorbed people” with whom he had ever dealt.

Steve Hilton, who was once one of Mr Cameron’s most senior advisers, now hosts a TV show on the American network Fox News.

“Obama never listened to anyone, always thought he was smarter than every expert in the room and treated every meeting as an opportunity to lecture everyone else.

“This led to real world disasters like Syria and the rise of Isis, but the real world doesn’t matter to the elites – for them it’s all about style and tone, not substance and results.”

  • A narcissist?

    Well, obviously.

  • Marius K

    Obviously Cameron has not met Justin, otherwise he would know how real Narcissus looks like.

    • Cat-astrophe

      Our emperor has no clothes at all.

  • Brett_McS

    From John Lott’s description of his colleague, Obama, at Harvard, it seems clear that Obama’s narcissism was initially a defence against being found out as the affirmative action fraud that he was. Obama never wanted to engage with genuine intellects (such as Lott) – people who would seriously challenge his ideas adopted notions -because he knew that his very average intelligence and very limited edumacation would be thereby exposed. So he takes on a stand-offish, dismissive, self-contained persona when threatened with such challenging discussions.

    However, like a lot of frauds that get away with their fraud, he begins to believe his own publicity; that his public image of philosopher-king is the real thing. And so he becomes more or less a genuine narcissist. But I imagine that deep down he knows he is a fraud, still.

    • Very accurate psychological portrait.

  • Marvin
    • If someone had written a fiction to that effect, no publisher would have taken it. Utterly impossible. Sort of, like a bad dream, like a trip into the ‘fifth dimension’. Yet, it happened. Shows what sort of world we have flipped into since 9/11.

    • Number 6

      SO TRUE!

  • Cat-astrophe

    Remember: there was a media movement to elevate this Obama individual to at least “Prophet” status.

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  • Millie_Woods

    Most nations would be stuck with him as ‘president for life’. It is a tribute to the genius of the founding fathers that the little twerp only had 8 years to do his worst.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      That was not the founding fathers, but the authors of the 22nd Amendment, which imposed the term limits after FDR kept getting elected president for life.

      • Millie_Woods

        Thanks for clarifying that for me..

  • Number 6

    We had this figured out before his first election. Worthless empty suit with an unjustified sense of accomplishment, classic narcissist.