Children of Terror Left Behind in Iraq

MOSUL & HAJ ALI CAMP, IRAQ — Both of Maya’s parents were Islamic State suicide bombers. Her four siblings were among their victims.

Plump, smiling and younger than two years old, Maya may never know anything of her past. “Maya” is not her real name.

“She was skin and bones when we got her,” says Sukaina Mohammed, director of the Department of Women and Children in the Nineveh province of Iraq, in the Mosul orphanage where Maya now lives.

“That baby had six broken ribs when she arrived,” she adds, pointing to another toddler standing in one of the white cribs lining the room.

  • deplorabledave

    Don’t bring them here.

    • If they were raised as Christians I would not have a problem but they should be kept from knowing of their horrid beginnings.

      • Dana Garcia

        That’s reasonable, but if I were an adoptive parent, I would be curious about how much cousin marriage occurred in the family.

  • Dana Garcia

    Muslim family values in action — have some kids, blow them up.

  • Gary

    The last time we had a family in Canada that raised money for an Orphanage for muslim kids it was the Khadr’s .

  • So, how is shooting ISIS where they stand wrong?

  • Hard Little Machine

    There’s awful shit everywhere.

  • xavier

    The kids do need compassion. I’d be wuite open to having them adopted by non Moslems.
    I’d suggest that they be adopted by the local non Moslems for closer cultural affinity first them internationally