Canada: Trudeau’s Support for Islamists a Warning to America

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has an nine-year long record of supporting the Islamist cause while refusing to engage with reformist Muslims. With respect to ISIS fighters returning to Canada, Trudeau has argued that they will be a “powerful voice for deradicalization” and that those who oppose their return are “Islamophobic.” Furthermore, the Government of Canada is not adding the names of returning ISIS fighters to the UN committee responsible for the listing of international jihadists.

Many Canadians (and others) are starting to believe that Prime Minister Trudeau’s position on reintegrating and deradicalizing ISIS fighters is unreasonable, if not delusional.

  • Trudeau is not delusional.

    Trudeau is a traitor.

    As Prime Minister he has a responsibility to protect Canadians.

    Because of brain dead progressive politics he is helping potential murderers of Canadians into Canada.

  • Roman

    and they call Trump crazy and mentally unfit to govern?

  • Cat-astrophe

    Our beloved Trudeau is his fathers son, doing the UN’s work on behalf of the UN, not for the Canada he already informed the world in open for resettlement under the terms of the settlers, regardless of any historical relevance.
    Can’t imagine what any awakened souls in European countries that are being led by the same UN mandated heads of states as our PM is here.

    • Liberal Progressive

      What an outrageous comment to make about an outrageous column that didn’t take into account that Canada is a Muslim nation.

      • Cat-astrophe

        Not yet, but soon.

  • Linda1000

    As I see it, the returning terrorist jihadis in Canada, plus all the other future radical muslims or ones already resident are going to use Canada where they are free to roam around as a base to launch attacks across the open border in the U.S. Give it ten years when Canada is saturated by unchecked immigration of muslims and the attacks will begin in Canada also. The U.S. will have to close the border with Canada or take some very strong measures or retaliation to keep the attacks from repeating in the U.S. If you look at what’s happening in Europe with open borders, terrorists have hidden connections and cells in various countries at any given time.

    • barryjr

      I get the feeling that Trump is just putting up with Trudeau in much the same way we tolerate the neighbor next door with the junk heap for a yard. Canada is following in the footsteps of Britain being led by a retard silver spoon feeder who’s biggest concern is will people like him. The anti American forces around the world are ecstatic with Shithead Happysocks mini UN in Ottawa and having a strong base right next to the great Satan. Forget the southern border there will be a greater need for a wall along the northern border very soon.

      • Linda1000

        Yes, Justine is another star poster boy for the EU and the UN, along with Macron. I hope after a couple of terrorist attacks by friendly “Canadians” the U.S. carpet bombs areas of Canuckistan in retaliation. If the U.S. gov’t. doesn’t do it, then a few armed patriot militias could easily take some action.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I agree! Give it 10 yrs’. When they reach the critical percentage shit will start to happen. Arm yourself.

  • barryjr

    This is embarrassing, everyday another totally warranted attack on our PMs actions. OK so voters didn’t realize what a mess he is but after this term anybody that votes for his re election truly doesn’t care about Canada and what made us great.

    • Linda1000

      More than embarrassing, Justine and his Libturd MPs are dangerous for Canada and deliberately destroying the country.

  • bargogx1

    I seem to recall Tarek Fatah, probably the most prominent example of a reformist Muslim in Canada, writing a column in the Toronto Sun about testifying at the M-103 hearings and getting a very chilly reception. Of course leftists like Trudeay do not want to engage with reformist Muslims, they completely disrupt the narrative. And ex-Muslims are outright despised by the Left, as evidenced by their treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali in numerous countries.

  • Canadian Born

    I have only one question, are they going to be living with him and his family? Then he and his wife can give them all the kisses and hugs they want. Junior reminds you of the mad hatter carton, but I think the mad hatter had a higher IQ.

  • Gary

    Trump won’t put up with this Drama teacher islamophile coddling ISIS members and aligning himself with pro-sharia jihad funding islamic org’s and Mosques.
    I’ve pointed out before that the Muslim MP (Lib) in my area endorses the radical Mosque just South of his Office which had invited Mohamad Elmasry to speak there
    even after Mo had declared the hamas can legally murder anyone in Israel over 19.

    Jump to the 1:55 point in the video and listen to this bigot muslims from Egypt where the Police feared charging him with a mate-crime. His boss at the UofW supported him and yet later on became our G.G. Mr.Johnston .

  • Lightstream

    Now I’m 100% sure trudeau is a muslim.