Reason celebrates “Little Mogadishu”

Turning to libertarians for wisdom on immigration control is like asking Christian Scientists for advice about the best hospitals.

Not all that many years ago, the worst things you could say about Minneapolis were that it was very cold in the winter and, for an American city of its size, it was somewhat dull. On the plus side, this traditionally Scandinavian-American burg was a model of safety and cleanliness.

Well, that’s ancient history. Minneapolis is now the world’s #2 capital of Somali Muslims. (#1 is Mogadishu.) In the Somali community, unemployment and welfare dependency rates are high. The city is a major recruiting center for ISIS. At least a couple of ISIS recruits have used taxpayer-funded student loans to fly to the Middle East to become jihadists; many other local Somalis are suspected of wiring welfare cash to terrorist groups. Violent crime is epidemic: as recently as December 13, a Somali Muslim immigrant stabbed a Minneapolis woman no fewer than fourteen times on her way home from work.

  • Brett_McS

    To be fair, though, libertarians were also celebrating Big Mogadishu (ie Mogadishu) as an example of a libertarian society.

    Libertarians seem to want their ideas to retain shock value – which means they can never be popular – to keep Libertarianism as an exclusive club.

  • ontario john

    Have they started to drag dead American soldiers through the streets yet?

  • Linda1000

    Minneosota is trying to be Sweden or Norway No.2.

  • Alain

    All this wherever one finds it makes of think of what happens when you have a container of crystal-clear, clean water and someone dumps a pile of manure into it. No only does the colour change, but it becomes totally polluted.

  • John Boy

    Just what every Western country needs, to import people from one of the 10 countries in the world with the lowest average IQ’s and to give them all the rights of citizens and more.

    At least they didn’t make one of them the Minister for Immigration!