Oprah Winfrey gives powerful speech at the Globes; lapdogs announce new 2020 POTUS

The former talk show host’s acceptance speech was met with thunderous applause by the audience of celebrities at the Golden Globes.

After the remarks, a number of media outlets openly called for Winfrey to enter the 2020 presidential race.

NBC Deletes Endorsement Of Oprah As ‘OUR Future President’ After Outrage

 NBC said Monday that the tweet was a mistake.
  • Clausewitz

    The DNC reeks of desperation.

    • canminuteman

      I suspect that if Oprah Winfrey runs, she will win. That’s not an endorsement, it’s just what I think would happen.

  • ontario john

    Yes all the North America media is excited at this news. If elected she could even get federal funding for everyone to join her weight watcher program. And Dr. Phil would make a great vice president. Christmas could be celebrated at the Church of Scientology. Fun times for all!

    • Watchman

      Oprah’s 2018 Venezuelan Diet: low in carbs, low in protein, high in government BS.

    • Mr. Meow


      Absolutely Oprah!

  • Jennifer Seigel

    She’s a racist. She endorsed Obozo. She would govern just like him.

  • felis gracilis

    In the crazed cult that liberal America has become, this was only a matter of time.

  • simus1

    No more white presidents ! ! !
    Go for it Harpo !

    • BillyHW

      Women voters do what Oprah tells them to do.

      • Linda1000

        Never did like Ocra or her magazine much. Couldn’t get into Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz either.

        • Exile1981

          I love when she tried to sue a german company because they had a magazine called ‘O magazine’ and she tried to take them to court for copyright infringement. Judge threw it out as the German one had been in print several decades before hers came out and because no one would mistake a german porn magazine for Ophra.

  • BillyHW

    She had to reach back 73 years to find an example of white on black rape. Meanwhile there are hundreds of thousands of black on white rapes each and every year that go un-lamented at the awards shows of celebrities.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      You got that right!

    • Art Deco

      Meanwhile there are hundreds of thousands of black on white rapes each
      and every year that go un-lamented at the awards shows of celebrities.

      No, there aren’t. The total number of forcible rapes in the United States per the FBI is about 87,000 per year, and that includes all types of perpetrators and victims.

  • ontario john

    I wonder whatever happened to that scandal in South Africa, regarding that school she set up.

  • Dana Garcia

    Liberals are so easily impressed with one good speech. Obama gave a stem-winder keynote during the 2004 Democrat convention that got the chattering class excited about electing him president.

    • Alain

      It seems that you almost got that right, but missed that again liberals are impressed with the wrapping while ignoring the contents. I certainly disagree about any of Obama’s speeches being impressive when you actually listened. I remember people telling me during his first campaign what a great orator he was, and yet when I asked them to explain exactly what great things and policies he had covered they couldn’t. They could only say he stood for change with clearly no idea of what that meant.

      • Dana Garcia

        I don’t remember watching Obama in his outing in 2004 but it’s likely the usual media types were thrilled to see a young negro speak proper English in a way that wouldn’t frighten white voters.

        Diversity is very important to Democrats, as you know.

        • Clausewitz

          Not to mention that crease in his slacks……..

        • Watchman

          That’s what Joe Biden said, in his wonderful obliviousness to how it sounded. He was happy that an articulate black man was standing for a role that Joe would not feel embarrassed to support.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope she does run. Her theme song will be circus music.

  • Spatchcocked

    I remember Opera pimping for the big O…..”.He is whom we have been waiting for ” she gushed. Seems they fell out….never saw the fat sow at the White House….

    I think her and Mooch disagreed or something……or she thought she’d get an ambassadorship somewhere and got stiffed.

    I say dyke……Bull dyke.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly
  • simus1

    This wouldn’t be that oppressed black billionaress victim who has homes in at least four high state income tax states but avoids all their tax grabs by carefully rationing her legal residence time in each one to avoid qualifying to pay any state taxes there?

  • Watchman

    Obamaphone holder’s greatest dream for 2021, at the Presidential Inauguration ceremony, “My first act as the first female President is to offer citizenship to everyone currently in America, and that includes all places in North and South America. To make it easier to get around, everyone in America is getting… A new car!”

  • Blacksmith

    Oprah had better start denying loud and clear or the wookie is gonna beat her ass…..

  • Mr. Meow


  • DMB

    Oprah Winfrey is Barack Obama 2.0. She will not only replicate Obama’s polices but expand on them.

  • El Martyachi ✓ᴴᵉˡᶦᶜᵒᵖᵗᵉʳᶦˢᵗ

    Finally some good news.

  • Barrington Minge

    Winfrey vs Trump? if that’s the best America can come up with then they are truely f&ucked!!!!

  • Clausewitz