Minister: Norway to extradite cleric if Italy convicts him

Norway’s justice minister said Saturday that an Iraqi-born cleric suspected of enticing recruits to fight in Iraq and Syria will be extradited if a court in Italy convicts him.

The Muslim cleric, Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, is scheduled to go on trial in Italy Wednesday without him being physically present in court, Norwegian daily newspaper Nettavisen reported. Ahmad is known as Mullah Krekar in Norway, where he has lived since 1991.

  • simus1

    So the backstory is that Italy once put the Norwegians through a lot of grief to get Italy an extradition request ok years ago on this guy for something else and then did not even use it?

  • Shebel

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about the Muslims .
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    • J. C.

      Don’t you have an IED to build???

  • Shebel

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  • Art Deco

    Why is this man living in Norway? A country with Norway’s population and fertility deficits should be receiving a net of about 10,000 settler immigrants per year, among whom all over the age of 14 have passed written and oral proficiency test in Riksmal or Landsmal. And if they’re from a list of 25 problem countries (and Iraq is one), they’re told to apply after they have acquired wife and minor children and can apply as a group or after they’ve acquired a wife, been married a minimum of seven years, and have both passed the age of 40.