Jihadi ‘catch and release’ is a dangerous failure

Saudi Arabia has arrested and deported more than four thousand illegal aliens since mid-November. Yemenis make up 75 percent of the 4,452 foreigners apprehended in the sweep, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). Given these numbers, it is easy to forget the nine terrorists previously held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba who were recently released by the Kingdom. The Yemeni Islamic extremists were released by President Obama in the waning days of his presidency.

The Obama administration released the jihadists to Saudi Arabia for “rehabilitation” at the Mohammed bin Nayef Center for Counseling and Care. The center is touted as a reentry program for “former” jihadist, providing religious re-education, vacations, conjugal visits and art therapy. Maybe coincidentally the Center’s namesake, Mohammed bin Nayef, was among the Saudi Royals detained by Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman in his anti-terrorism and corruption sweep.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Obama was a dangerous failure for eight years.

  • barryjr

    Anything Obama did was not in the best interests of the US and by extension the west.

  • Cat-astrophe

    That’s what our Canadian Government promises to do with our returning jihadis as well.
    But what does it even mean?
    I am a recovered alcoholic. Therefore I have been re-habilitated.
    I wanted to change, it was not easy, but I WANTED it. I re-lapsed for a time, and after I had had enough of the nonsense, I simply returned to sobriety. Much easier to do the second time.
    But, how do you safely undo a terrorist, or jihadi?
    A relapse would be DEADLY.

    If the person was not really intending to give up his unfavourable thoughts, how could that be even quantified in a controlled environment?
    The people, ideology and infrastructure he had previously travelled in is still there. All his old friends….would be beckoning him to return to his former glory….YOU DAMN RIGHT THEY WILL BE TRYING TO TEMPT THEM BACK, just like my boozing “buddies” hounded me for a while.

    So, how would you rehab someone who did not WANT to rehab?
    You simply couldn’t. You cannot be sure the sincerity they exude is real.
    The only way you could be certain to keep tabs on the individual would be to keep them close to the center of power they despise….kind of like returning FLQ who were exiled to Cuba. You would HAVE to offer them a piece of the future of the country in return for their compliance.

    In Orwell’s 1984, Winston was dead, or as good as dead after his rehab was complete.
    I borrowed the following clip from a Blog “The Dystopian Imagery”
    “Could the purpose be that that the narrator was intently focusing on this idea behind the rehabilitation process of Winston, to have him rid his individual thoughts that were a threat to a consensus submissive society, and his increasing questions of Big Brother’s history in this society, and the freedom to think outside the box”
    “What’s interesting about the rehabilitation of Winston, being conducted by his former colleague, O’Brien, is that the overall result of the process will evidently lead to his death.”

    Mine: For Winston’s rehab to be successful torture was required. There was no intention of release to society, because after the thoughts were tortured out of Winston he was no longer of any use to society, and to prevent any relapse of behaviour or cost of long term care, he was terminated.
    I think that was the point Orwell was making, ideological differences cannot be re-habilitated.

  • Watchman

    Saudi Arabia’s rulers doesn’t mind jihadis seeking martyrdom: it is only against jihadis who want the Saudi Royal family to fall. In fact the Saudi rules are very much in favour of the most fanatical and devoted young Muslims to head outside the Kingdom are die in jihad, as this provides a safety valve for its citizens who might otherwise be directing this anger towards the Saudi rulers.

    So the Saudi ‘Rehabilitation’ program is not so much about stopping jihadist thoughts, but more about redirecting these jihadist thoughts towards an appropriate enemy. Any enemy, as long as that enemy isn’t in Saudi Arabia. They seem to have been successful in that endeavor which is good for them but bad for every other place in the world.

  • What DOES work is shooting them.