China ‘can’t stand’ Justin Trudeau’s talk of human rights, diversity: Ian Bremmer

“None of this plays in China. They can’t stand this stuff, and Canada’s small.”

  • bill smith

    One of THE worst insults in China today is a white left (白左), and trudeau is the leading white left in the world. It roughly translates to social justice warrior.. it perfectly describes climate alarmists, people who make up fictional problems and get extremely passionate about them in an ideological way.

    • ontario john

      The commie fascists don’t need Trudeau in order to buy up Canada, and terrorize Chinese Canadians here.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure if China would just increase the bribes they give at Liberal Party fundraisers, little Justin would be more cooperative.

  • sk6actual

    Well my disdain is not limited to his human rights posture …

  • robins111

    It’s understandable. We can’t stand the cunt either.

  • If it helps, Justin was never serious about human rights.

    Basic dictatorship and all that.

  • Jay Harper

    Who cares about the feelings of a dictatorship?