Who’s afraid of Michael Wolff? Not Trump

They can’t get Trump on anything else – not for lack of trying – so next up is a book of smears.

It’s good to be an American, or an Israeli. Say what you want about the leader and no harm comes to you.

It gets better. You can become rich. Lucky man, therefore, Michael Wolff. He’s the man topping this week’s news cycle over a book he wrote about President Trump. Never mind the title. You probably just bought a copy… if you are a Democrat. It’s the number one bestseller in America, and that happened awfully fast.

The book came from out of nowhere when Steve Bannon, quoted within the book, turned nasty on Trump, his former boss.
Bannon, who I always mistake for a pool hall sharpie when I see him on television, served as Trump’s chief strategist before he got fired.
Wolff’s entire book, apparently, is a nasty piece of work, and all right, I guess I should give you the title, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

You’ve heard of slasher movies? This is a slasher book…or like one of those horror spectacles, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

  • You can tell me Trump does dogs, and I could not care less.

    The only thing that’s important – Trump makes the progressives cry like babies.

  • chayisun

    I would think that the so called writer of this “book” has the backing of the Clinton foundation, cnn, the “democratic” party and George soros. I’m thinking of writing a book about our very own Dudley-Do-Right of politics and point out all the wonderful things he has done for this country……Let’s see, I assume a 1/4 of a page won’t do…..

    • Anything to smear Trump, especially when he has the economy booming and is fulfilling his election promises.

  • Bataviawillem

    He lowered the tax rate, and that is the only thing that counts if you are a voter, I can’t cum up with anything that comes even close to that.
    I you know anything let’s hear it.

  • mauser 98

    now it’s ” notionally accurate”


    • ECM

      “Notionally accurate” is the new fake but accurate, I guess.

  • mauser 98
  • Brett_McS

    Ben Shapiro was, rightly, doing a victory lap on his show the other day. He’s the one who called out Bannon for what he was from the start.


    • barryjr

      When Shapiro left Breitbart my thoughts were along whiny little bitch crying because you aren’t getting your way. Well turns out he had Bannon pegged rightly and he has every right to gloat.

      PS can someone pass some Ketchup to cover up the taste of crow I have?

    • bargogx1

      If this is all true, the last laugh is still on the leftist media shills, because they’ve been so busy trying to paint Bannon as “anti-semitic”, and a “white supremacist” that they’ve completely missed the real story on him.

  • mauser 98

    2016: Distance diagnosing Hillary’s health issues is an outrageous conspiracy theory.

    2018: Trump’s definitely mentally ill, remove him now!

  • Shebel

    Your mouth resembles a hemorrhoid.
    Maybe you should check out the tumor on your lower Lip.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    I saw him on TV last night: What an asshole. Anything for money!.

  • mobuyus

    That face emanates intense critically chronic insanity or for the layman full on off the rails rocket ride to Batshit crazy.

    • Shebel

      He is so sincere.

    • Will Quest

      A face that begs to be sat-on ………

  • Ho Hum

    Ultimately the White House is to blame for this book. Why did they think it was a good idea to let this snake camp out in the west wing for months? From what I heard it was Hope Hicks – Trump chief adviser (a former fashion model) who set up the interviews so I doubt that Trump was unaware of his presence. Wolff had previously written a flattering article about Trump so I would not be surprised if it was Trump’s idea for him to do a book. In the end Trump has only himself to blame for surrounding himself with stupid and incompetent and or disloyal people.

    • Linda1000

      What are you talking about? Trump tweeted the other day he had refused multiple times to do any interviews with Wolff. Do you have a link for your info?

      • Ho Hum

        On the Laura Ingraham show Ingraham said that Hope Hicks arranged the interviews with WH staff. If Hicks was involved Trump had to be aware and approve of Wolff’s presence in the West Wing. Seb Gorka said he turned down an interview with Wolff but it seems that many others cooperated. This was a massive failure on the part of the White House to allow a snake like this to have access to West Wing staff.

        • Linda1000

          Thanks, yes it’s obvious others in the White House talked but it all sounds like a lot of “he did this or he said this” according to whoever was pissed off at Trump. Wonder who authorized Wolff to be in the White House.