Three years after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks, the satirical magazine struggles with £1.3m security bill

Charlie Hebdo is struggling with an annual security bill of €1.5 million (£1.32m) as President Emmanuel Macron leads commemorations on the third anniversary of the terror attack on the satirical weekly on Sunday.

Sales have slumped after surging to an unprecedented 7 million copies following the attack on 7 January 2015.

Saïd and Chérif Kouachi murdered 12 people including five cartoonists and journalists, all household names in France.

  • irishrus

    Well, at least we have all our North American Satirical humorists like Cobert never afraid to make fun of Islamist terrorists.

    Oh wait, we don’t

  • Dana Garcia

    The government should provide security because it allow the invasion. Border security and public safety are supposed to be top jobs of the government, but it failed.

    • simus1

      But the iconoclast Hebdo crowd were also totally moronic re their pre slaughter security precautions or in gaining an understanding of how incendiary their “satire” was to muslim fanatics. Their remotely operated door opener/ intercom was lacking any sort of pushbutton or vocal duress codes and their office itself had zero protective weapons protection of any kind to hand.

      • Dana Garcia

        Free speech should extend to unwise persons along with intelligent folks.

        I thought I’d read that Charbonnier had a gun in his desk, but maybe not.

        • simus1

          Even past presidents do not get bodyguards for life or lesser protection without a solid reason.
          If these people at risk have taken every prudent measure to keep themselves safe but still fear assassins are looking them over, the police should investigate their facts and act swiftly.