Scientific thinking patterns are for men only, say feminist profs

From Toni Airaksinen at Campus Reform:

Based on interviews with 8 female STEM students, two professors recently concluded that “masculine” norms are to blame for the lack of female STEM graduates.

According to the professors, these masculine norms include “asking good questions,” “capacity for abstract thought and rational thought processes,” “motivation,” “independent” thinking, and a relatively low fear of failure.

Further, the professors contend that the time-consuming nature of STEM coursework also inhibits female success, since a tough course load reinforces “the masculine ideal of working an unlimited number of hours based on the unencumbered male body.”

To fight this, Parson and Ozaki spell out a few recommendations for STEM programs, saying for instance that academic departments should “redefine success by changing expectations,” such as letting women write down questions instead of asking them out-loud. They also recommended that more women are hired, but notably did not mention any concerns over merit. More.

Reality check: In short, we should dumb down STEM so as to include more women. Merit is not a meaningful concept in a post-modern environment.

I haven’t heard that this is a spoof.

Many people believe that people like these profs are not serious. History shows that they are usually much more serious than their opponents, and that is the main reason they win.

There is no law that says science or anything else must thrive. Cultures, including science cultures, grow and decay. Post-modernism is certainly shaping up as a period of decay.

Failure will be the norm but no one will be allowed to see failure as a problem.

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  • “Unencumbered male body”?!?!?! Yow!
    Just when women were beginning to win the “opportunity argument” by correctly pointing out that even though males might be statistically more able to perform in the STEM area, there are still many women who are much more able than most of the men. Now they are setting themselves back by implying that women will never succeed in anything other than degrading the quality and pace of progress. I am a well above average male and I have met dozens of women who are far more talented than I- I am sure most of them are humiliated by this idiocy.

    • V10_Rob

      Ranks right up there with the call to ‘decolonize’ science, that African voodoo is just as valid an approach to analyzing the world.

  • DMB
  • Editor

    This, and the Donna Riley “rigor” story a few posts down, are sheer insanity. Structural engineering doesn’t care about your feelings.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Over to you, Billy!

    • Slickfoot

      Fruit that low is left to the rest of us.

  • Felix_Culpa

    It’ll be all fun and games until some bridge falls down. Engineering has a habit of bringing you up close and personal with real life.

    • Editor

      Even then, they’ll find a way to blame it on patriarchy. Wimminz cannot be held responsible for their actions. They are disenfranchised and oppressed by toxic masculinity . . . Except when they are brave and strong and don’t need a bicycle.

  • Shebel

    I guess that I put more value on Females–
    Than Feminists put on themselves.
    It is real shame that my Grandkids are ging to have
    To Listen to you dumb Cunts.

    • V10_Rob

      Homeschool them, and they’ll be able to run circles around the public school drones.

  • V10_Rob

    “Please, tell the Nobel committee about your fascinating work on the Feelings of Relativity”

    • Shebel

      I doubt they would understand.
      I ain’t Black.

  • Shebel

    Relativity or Relativism ?

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  • Frances

    Late to the fair, but the women in my class and myself earned our B.Sc. degrees honestly. Never felt ourselves inferior to our male classmates, either. They were just colleagues travelling with us on the road to the treasurer degree.